For New Moms

No matter how much you read, you will never ever ever ever be 100 percent prepared for becoming a parent.  It's all about trial and error.  And after much of that, I've found that certain approaches do and do not work for our family.  Below you'll find a list of posts that I have written describing our experiences.  I hope that some of my rambling will help other new mommas and mommas-to-be.  You can always contact me with questions or concerns. 

Observations of a New Parent


Our Breastfeeding Experience

Milk Let Down

Reverse Cycling

The Bond  

Nighttime Nursing

Lopsided Breasts

Leafy Greens and Breastfeeding

Lactation Supplements: Fenugreek and Motherlove Milk Drops

Breastfeeding during Pregnancy

Our Transition to Cow's Milk

Breast Pumping

Smart Pumping

Extreme Pumping

Introducing the bottle to the breastfed baby

Put some breast milk on it (breast shield fitting)

NEW Series:  Confessions of Pumping Mother

My Favorite Bottle:  Playtex Nurser Drop-Ins


Back Carrying 

Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering:  The Good, The Bad, and The Rude

Cloth Diapering: A Great Value

Cloth Diapering:  Maintenance & Stripping

How 'bout that hemp?

Reevaluating our decision to use AIO diapers

Infant Sleep

4 Month Wake (Cognitive Development)

Lucy's Schedule

Goodbye Swaddle  

N.A.P.S. and the 90-Minute Sleep Program

Our experience with Cry-It-Out (CIO)

Cry-It-Out, Attempt #2


10 Reasons:  Why I love bed-sharing

Why bed-sharing is awesome   

Introducing Solids

Our first experience with solid food

Homemade Baby Food

Success with Solids!

Infant Constipation

Infant Illness and Rashes

Our battle with Molluscum

Battle Congestion

Baby's First Lung Infection

Baby's First Stomach Bug


Freezer Meals

Shelton Family Meal Plan

Once a Month Cooking

Travel with Baby

Traveling Back East, Part I:  Packing, Flying, and the Car Seat

Traveling Back East, Part II:  Diapering, Breastfeeding, and Family

Camping with Baby