Monday, April 11, 2011

Observations of a New Parent

I know that I'm still new to parenting, but I wanted to share a few tidbits, that I've learned over the past three weeks, with those who are expecting or one day might start a family; this information would have been very helpful to know prior to Lucy's arrival.

To make this post as effective as possible, I'm going to try to keep it short and sweet... 

You WILL be peed on (even by girl babies)
Baby poop is explosive in sound and sight; no, it is not diarrhea...
Changing diapers is actually really easy
Normal poop looks like seedy mustard
Cover your nipples when you shower, or you WILL scream

Supplies/Baby gear you think you don't need, but you actually do
Bassinet (no, the pack-n-play will NOT cut it)
More than 6 burp cloths
Disposable dipes for the first week, or until the Meconium has passed
Massive package of wipes (think hundreds)
Newborn clothes

Random thoughts
Co-sleeping is your friend
Side-lying is the best position for breastfeeding
When nursing, insert your whole nipple into the baby's mouth, not just the tip
(that took us a day or so to figure out)
Cluster feeding sucks; 30 minutes of nursing = 30 drops of colostrum

Better listen to Mommy, peeps!

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  1. Haha on E's third day home we made a run to BRU to double our burpie and mitten inventory!