About Us

October 5, 2007:  Started dating.
December 25, 2007:  Popped the question!  (Yup, that date is correct.)
May 15, 2009:  Married.
March 18, 2011:  Lucy makes her debut.
August 20, 2012:  Parker is evicted.

Welcome to our blog:  Growing Baby Shelton(s).  I'll go ahead and state the obvious, we're a family of four and we're awesome.  This blog is meant to capture our lives as our young family grows and our babies grow up.  We've got 2U2; our house is a disaster, the laundry is infinite, and there is never a dull moment.  Happy reading!

I'm Taylor, but most people call me Tay.  I'm Casey's wife, Lucy and Parker's momma, the owner and baker of Something Sweet by Tay, and the blogger here.  I'm the girl who does NOT have her shit together.  (But my kids are chubby and my cookies are yummy, so I'm a-okay with that.)

This is Casey.  He's pretty great and I like him a lot.  He is hilarious, handy around the house, and does well in gross situations.  He is a vicious tickle monster and taught our daughter how to say "um-pin" (armpit).  Most importantly, we share a love of food and compulsive Netflix watching.

This is Lucy, though she's known by many names (Lu, Lulu, Luc, Lucy Goose, Goose).  She is a pistol that one.  She laughs louder and harder than I knew to be humanly possible.  She got daddy's (Ginger) looks, and mommy's (angry Italian) personality.

This is Parker.  A.K.A Car Car.  A.K.A. The Best Baby in the World.  Car Car is so happy, so laid back, so.dang.chubby.  He is the best cuddler and Lucy's BFF.  We can't say for sure, but we think he's got more Italian than Ginger in him.