Thursday, October 28, 2010

18 weeks

Geez louise I am reallllllllllly late with this post; I'm now closer to 19 weeks than 18.  This week has been rather hectic.  Last night in my Statistics class I compiled a to-do list of all the little things Casey and I need to do between now and March.  The list is THREE pages long.  It makes me cry a little just thinking about it.  Alright, enough whining....

Baby is now the size of a: 7 ounce lobster tail - wow, I kind of want to eat my baby.  Her (maybe his) eye balls are becoming more sensitive to light and can detect light through my belly, especially if I shine a flashlight at my belly.  You know, because I do that a lot...perfectly normal.  There is still enough room in my belly for her/him to kick and twist like crazy.  At the ultrasound she was head up and very active (*cough, cough* NOT ideal for gender determination...)

How I'm feeling:  Tired, lots of lower back pain, and a new, unpleasant sensation:  crushed lungs!  Every few minutes my belly and chest get really fluttery and constrict, it gets hard to breathe, and I get light headed for about 30 seconds to a minute.  Me thinks ze bebe is encroaching on my lungs.  I'm also feeling a lot of baby kicks. Earlier today, I swear this kid was using my left rib as a monkey bar.  Omg, sore much?!  Oh ya, and I'm HUNGRY.  I'm hungry right now, and almost every half hour throughout the day. 

Physical differences from last week:  To me, the belly seems more round and hard.  This morning I was looking at my belly button and I think it looks wider.  Ya, ya kind of a weird observation.  Whatever.  Here's a pic at 18 weeks and two days:

What's been on my mind:  The baby's REAL gender.  A big part of me thinks its a girl; I think its unlikely that the technician was wrong.  The circumstances make it totally plausible that its actually a boy; afterall, they thought it was a boy for the first half hour.  But in the end, those techs are trained to determine gender and she probably knows what she's talking about.  That small part of me that recognizes the possibility that it may be a boy keeps me from fully committing to day dreams and plans for a little girl.  Casey doesn't want me to get attached to either gender until our next ultrasound, because he doesn't want me to be disappointed (again).  

What I'm looking forward to:  Our second opinion ultrasound.  Casey scheduled it for November 17 at 3:00.  Ugh, great another two week waiting game.  We wanted to wait until I'm at least 20 weeks along, so that the baby would be more developed and bigger, but geez that seems a long ways away.  Apparently the earlier the ultrasound, the more similar the two genders appear, as the baby is less developed.  I guess the optimal time to have the anatomy scan is 22-24 weeks; but, seriously, who the hell is going to wait that long?!  Especially in our situation!  So friends, mark your calendars.  We WILL get to the bottom of Baby Shelton's gender!!!

Random thoughts:  I need a lobster tail.  Stat!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gender Updates

Hello friends.  I know you are all itching with curiosity about our baby's gender, after all...cookies are on the line.  I wish it were as easy as just saying, "Its a boy!" or "Its a girl!", but I don't do things the easy way. 

So here's the story...

Casey and I could not have been more excited for the ultrasound on Monday.  We left work early, and arrived at the ultrasound facility way early.  We were lucky enough to be called back after only a mere 30 minutes of waiting, and before the ultrasound started, the tech offered us a DVD of the ultrasound.  I *thought* we were in good hands. 

Well after a half hour of heart and brain measurements, the tech decides to venture down south and says, "I think I see something hanging between the baby's legs; I think its a boy."  Casey and I look at each other, extremely excited, and just sort of squeeze each others hands to keep from screaming.  The ultrasound continues...for another 45 minutes...

For those of you who aren't terribly familiar with the anatomy scan ultrasound, the entire ultrasound is supposed to last 30 minutes tops.  This was one of several indicators that our ultrasound tech wasn't the brightest bulb.

The other indicator was the tech's unwillingness to answer any of my questions.  I lost all confidence in this broad when she finally stopped prodding and said, "I'm not sure I'm seeing what  I saw before, this might be a girl.  I'm going to go see if I can find another tech to help me with a few pictures."

She leaves and comes back with another tech.  The new tech begins prodding again, and says, "You'll have to excuse Rachel (the first tech), she isn't very familiar with this machine.  We've upgraded to all new machines, and Rachel hasn't trained on this one yet."

The second tech continues prodding, takes the necessary pictures, and then attempts to determine the gender.  She took a few snap shots of the pelvic region and pointed to a little bump, and said, "That's a lady bit, I think this is a girl." (alright, that's not a direct quote...but I'm not using any dirty words on my unborn child's blog)

Rachel later said, "That must have been a toe hanging between his legs."  Well friends, you tell me how one contorts their body to have a toe dangling between their buttcheeks!

Casey and I are still trying to understand how a little bump indicates that its a girl.  We're also still trying to understand how we got stuck with the new girl on the old, crappy ultrasound machine for such an important procedure.  Needless to say, we were not exactly thrilled with the experience.  We plan on having another ultrasound done in a few weeks to confirm the gender.  We are not comfortable shopping and planning a nursery based on yesterday; neither of the techs were confident. 

As I type this lovely blog post, Casey is reviewing our ultrasound DVD and comparing ultrasound shots with Google image.

So there you have it, those who guessed boy kinda won, and those who guessed girl kinda won.  I'll update you folks with something more concrete in a few weeks.  Also, sorry for the delayed weekly birthday post.  I'll try to post tomorrow night. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

17 weeks and a bet!

Baby is now the size of a:  Turnip!  He is just over 5 inches long, as wide as my palm, and weighs almost 6 ounces.  His bones continues to harden, and if an x-ray were taken today, you would be able to see his skeleton.  The baby's body is now covered in a thin hair called Lanugo, which he will shed later in third trimester.  Lastly, his eyes have begun to move side to side beneath his fused eye lids.  Oh, oh!  And....I felt the baby kick!  I was at work and I felt two little taps under my left rib; at first I thought, what the heck was that, and then I realized it was my little pumpkin.  :-) 

How I'm feeling:  Pretty good.  I started taking my thyroid supplement, and my energy has improved somewhat, but the weakness has not.  I've also developed a new, unpleasant sensation...round ligament pain (a.k.a.: growing pains).  In first tri I felt a few tugs here and there, but now it seems like my whole belly hurts all.the.time.   

Physical differences from last week:  I still refuse to weigh myself, unless in a doctor's office, but there was this development...Casey said, "Honey, you finally look pregnant!" 

What's been on my mind:  The baby's gender!  Only 8 days, geez louise its like waiting for Christmas!!!  Thinking about the baby's gender inevitably leads to daydreaming.  I visualize the nursery, and then I start thinking about our little family doing things like Disneyland, the beach, Zoo Lights, going to visit our family in Connecticut; and before you know it I've spent fifteen minutes zoned out at my desk...

What I'm looking forward to:  See above.

Random thoughts:  We have so much to do, ugh!  I have two friends that I reference for my pregnancy, and both had accomplished so much more by this time in their pregnancy.
The Bet:  I decided to start a bet with Casey, our families, our friends, and even some coworkers about the baby's gender.  Out of 17 peeps only two say its a girl (yes, this makes me very happy).  The winners will get a delicious blue or pink cookie, baked by yours truly.  Wanna bet?  You can email me or just comment below.     

Monday, October 11, 2010


I know it's not time for Gabe's weekly birthday, but I received some rather sucky news today and I thought I'd share it with my devoted followers.  My OB called me today with the results from my blood tests; turns out I have Hypothyroidism.

What does that mean, you ask?   My thyroid is less active than it should be, and the rest of my body is working overtime to try and compensate for it.  The thyroid regulates the metabolism, and during pregnancy my thyroid influences the baby's thyroid (uh oh).  Luckily this condition was detected sooner rather than later, and there are medications that can supplement my lazy thyroid - that are completely safe during pregnancy - and remedy the situation.  Oh ya, and those darn vampires at the lab get to draw my blood biweekly for the remainder of my pregnancy!  

Symptoms (that I've had the pleasure of experiencing):   Headaches, extreme fatigue, irritability, difficulty sleeping, weakness, and sensitivity to the cold.  This really explains why I haven't felt that Second Tri energy boost; why sometimes its hard to just walk, when my limbs feel as if they are just dead weight; and why I've been extremely irritable (sorry Casey and Mom).

Fun facts about Hypothyroidism:  This condition is most common in young pregnant women.  Here I thought my age would be an asset throughout this pregnancy, and maybe even guarantee a low-risk pregnancy.  Haha, nope!

I shall keep you posted my friends, I assure you this won't be the last time we talk about Hypothyroidism on the Growing Baby Shelton blog.   I'm not really the kind of person to suffer in silence, and I really, REALLY hate having my blood drawn.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

16 weeks

That's right folks, we're skipping weeks 14 and 15.  I had a prenatal appointment last Monday with my new OB, and O-M-G I measured 15 weeks and 1 day!  Since I didn't get around to posting sooner, I'm now in my sixteenth week!!!

The moment the ultrasound probe hit my belly, the screen lit up with our baby.  The doctor looked at us and said, "My God that baby is HUGE!  And active..."  While he tried to measure Gabe's crown to rump length,  Gabe would not stay still.  He was bouncing around in my belly, swinging his arms, as if he were in a bounce house.  He even did a little flip and grabbed the placenta.  It took all my strength and concentration to keep from crying, so I ended up shaking and giggling like an idiot.  Every time I laughed, Gabe bounced or flailed in response.   

 It is a great feeling to be a whole week and 3 days further along than I thought, but there is a possibility that Gabe is just bigger than average and I'm not actually further along.  Regardless, I like the idea of being further along, and I like my new due date, March 27, so we are sticking with this new calculation until told otherwise. 

Baby is now the size of an:  avocado (or a small gerbil, but that is just creepy to think about)!  He is 4.5 inches long, and weighs about 3.5 ounces.  His ears and eyes have moved closer to their final position, his neck and legs are more developed and stronger, and his little heart is now pumping 25 quarts of blood each day.   

How I'm feeling:  significantly less nauseous, but still tired (still not the baby's fault).  I have been having a lot of back pain and a lot of cramps the past few days.   I also feel fat (see below).

Physical differences from last week:  Before my prenatal visit on Monday, I hadn't weighed in since July...well friends, I'm now four pounds heavier from when this wondrous journey began.  Boo!  It is rather sucky to see your weight go up after three years of counting calories compulsively and working to maintain your weight.  Here is my 16 week bump, sans makeup at 7:00 this morning:

What's been on my mind:  my bouncing baby.  That ultrasound image is burned into my brain.  I wish I could have had a DVD made of that ultrasound.  Just thinking about my little avocado bouncing around like that, in MY belly, makes me cry (happy tears). 

What I'm looking forward to:  The big ultrasound is coming up in two weeks!  I cannot wait!!!  Thankfully our lives are so busy that time usually flies by.  I cannot imagine the moment of truth.  I cannot imagine my response or the feelings I will have at that moment.  I can, however, imagine heading straight to the Buy Buy Baby immediately afterward, and then to Home Depot to get pink or green color samples.  

Random thoughts:  Wanna know what Heaven tastes like? Chocolate covered Acai (and/or possibly Blueberries) berries.  I don't like chocolate.  And I don't like Acai berries or Blueberries.  Well the evil candy lady at work put out a bowl of chocolate covered things and wow.  They are magical; heavenly, if you will.  I suggest all peeps go try these wonderful things immediately.