Thursday, August 26, 2010

8 Weeks

Well 8 weeks and 1 one day, but who's counting?   

How I'm feeling:  Huge.  Embarrassed.  Ravenous.  Exhausted.  I know I'm barely two months along, but this is not the body I'm used to.  I hate getting dressed in the morning, and pants are officially my worst enemy.  After I lost all that baby fat from high school (read:  35 pounds), I emptied my closets and drawers of all clothing over a size 2/small.  This is not ideal people.  I'm also feeling slightly embarrassed, because most women are not this bloated/bump-like at 8 weeks.  I've only seen two other baby blogs with bumps this early.  Oh ya, and I'm hungry all.the.time. and I eat constantly.  A week ago, I was rarely hungry (thank you nausea), but now I'll finish one meal or snack and my stomach is growling within minutes.  I'm still tired, but I'm used to it at this point; I've accepted that I'm dead weight after 8-8:30.  I had a three-hour Statistics class last night and that was painful. 

Physical differences from last week:  I'm seeing a bump; Casey is seeing a bump; my parents and siblings....not so much.  So you tell me, is this a bump or is this a bump:

Keep in mind, if you say its not a bump, you are essentially telling me I'm a fat, bloated lady  ::sobs::

What's been on my mind:  Too much to post about...

What I'm looking forward to:  Second trimester.  My bloat/bump will be justified, all worries will have departed, and we'll find out if this little raspberry is a little boy or little lady.  :-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

7 Weeks & Our First Prenatal Visit

We had our first prenatal visit yesterday!  Yay!  It was very exciting/relieving/nerve-wracking/AMAZING.

My family doctor recommended an OB/GYN in North Scottsdale, and I am in love!  The office is beautiful, the staff is friendly, their philosophy is completely in line with our needs and goals, and they even have a midwife on staff!  I was really nervous for this appointment, as it was very last minute due to a scare we had on Monday night, but they made my appointment same day and worked to calm our fears.  We had our first ultrasound:

They confirmed that my due date is actually April 6, and that I am 7 weeks today!  I was a little sad to not be as far along as I had thought (or further), but my sadness was quickly replaced by relief and amazement when I saw the baby's heartbeat on the screen.  His heart is very strong, 140 bpm, and he is currently the size of blueberry!

Now you may or may not have noticed my assumption that this baby is a boy....  Casey and I have this feeling that this baby is a boy and until proven otherwise, we shall continue referring to the baby as a he.  (If we're completely wrong, sorry future daughter, we'll love you just the same)! 

And now I will leave you with my first belly pic:

No bump yet, just some (unpleasant) bloat....

Monday, August 16, 2010

We're pregnant!!!

Casey and I have known about our little bundle of joy for just over two weeks now, and we are still in shock.  Even though this wasn't a planned pregnancy, we still feel very excited and blessed.

We haven't told the world yet, only our family and closest friends.   I hope this blog will help to keep our out-of-state family feeling connected, I would love nothing more than to be back home sharing this experience with you all.

The story of us finding out is, well, not my proudest moment...

I woke up Saturday morning, and I just had this inexplicable feeling.  I had had a  "Girls Night Out" the night before, and pregnancy was a hot topic of discussion; many friends are trying to get pregnant, or are currently pregnant, or already have children.  I have no idea if this is what spurred my "feeling" or if its just completely ironic.  Regardless, I took a test and at first I misread the result.  It was one of those stupid, cheapy tests with the horizontal lines (not the digital kind or the kind with positive/negative signs).  I just stared at this test puzzled, and when I finally realized two horizontal lines means pregnant, I couldn't breathe.

I stayed in the bathroom for a good ten minutes.  About a million thoughts went through my mind, I had a mini panic attack, and I even cried a little.  When I finally composed myself, I went into the kitchen and hugged Casey.  But I didn't let go, so we just sort of stood there hugging for awhile, and he asked, "Whats wrong, honey?" over and over again.  I didn't reply, but I started tearing up, which I'm sure he felt.  So he finally whispered, "Are you pregnant?" and that's when the sobbing started.

Casey didn't say much, he mostly tried to calm me while I blubbered about all the plans we had for our lives.  He said a few cute things though, "Its not like we didn't want a baby, you just sort of sped up our timing."

But, at this point, we agreed the test couldn't possibly be right.  It was an old test, it was probably expired, and it just couldn't be accurate.  I googled the chances of having a false positive, and there is a three percent chance of that happening, so we were no longer confident in that possibility...  I re-tested and re-tested, and we finally decided we had to tell our parents.  Much to our surprise, they were all very excited.  Having our parent's blessing is what really enabled me to finally be excited for this life changing experience.

We guestimate that our little baby is due April 1, 2011, which would mean I am approximately 7-8 weeks along.  I've visited our family doctor for bloodwork to confirm the pregnancy, but I have not had my first prenatal visit.  I'm looking forward to that in the next couple of weeks.  :-)