Thursday, August 26, 2010

8 Weeks

Well 8 weeks and 1 one day, but who's counting?   

How I'm feeling:  Huge.  Embarrassed.  Ravenous.  Exhausted.  I know I'm barely two months along, but this is not the body I'm used to.  I hate getting dressed in the morning, and pants are officially my worst enemy.  After I lost all that baby fat from high school (read:  35 pounds), I emptied my closets and drawers of all clothing over a size 2/small.  This is not ideal people.  I'm also feeling slightly embarrassed, because most women are not this bloated/bump-like at 8 weeks.  I've only seen two other baby blogs with bumps this early.  Oh ya, and I'm hungry all.the.time. and I eat constantly.  A week ago, I was rarely hungry (thank you nausea), but now I'll finish one meal or snack and my stomach is growling within minutes.  I'm still tired, but I'm used to it at this point; I've accepted that I'm dead weight after 8-8:30.  I had a three-hour Statistics class last night and that was painful. 

Physical differences from last week:  I'm seeing a bump; Casey is seeing a bump; my parents and siblings....not so much.  So you tell me, is this a bump or is this a bump:

Keep in mind, if you say its not a bump, you are essentially telling me I'm a fat, bloated lady  ::sobs::

What's been on my mind:  Too much to post about...

What I'm looking forward to:  Second trimester.  My bloat/bump will be justified, all worries will have departed, and we'll find out if this little raspberry is a little boy or little lady.  :-)


  1. Aww, that is the tiniest of tiny bumps! Love it. Hang in there. You're 2/3 of the way through the first trimester already! Before you know it, you'll be sporting a super cute 2nd tri bump and you'll have all your energy back.

  2. I notice a little, little bump. Don't worry it will get bigger. No you are not FAT, especially being a sz 2 or less. You don't even want to know what size my bra went up to!! The first trimester you usually are tired, hungry and emotional. I loved the second feel your best and really see the bump getting bigger. I love this blog. Love you too!!
    Auntie Dee

  3. I see a little bump and can't wait to see the adorable baby bump to come. =)