Thursday, September 2, 2010

9 weeks

I'm 9 weeks along as of yesterday, and I'm happy to be yet another week closer to double-digit weeks.   Second trimester, here I come!

The baby is now the size of a.....large green olive. Keep growing, baby!

How I'm feeling:  Mostly bloated and exhausted, but I'm used to both of those feelings now.  I have very little nausea, mostly its my prenatal and calcium vitamins that make me sick.  Seriously, those pills are *huge*.   

Physical differences from last week:  Um nothing new here...  Still bloated like I just finished eating a Thanksgiving dinner - and let me tell ya, that feeling never gets old (insert eye roll).  

 What's been on my mind:  I get very stressed, very quickly, when I start to focus on the fact that I am pregnant.  I am reminded of how much we need to accomplish before the baby arrives, and just how little we actually know about pregnancy.  Thankfully we have some time to become prepared, and I have a book on pregnancy, and of course my great friends and family are very supportive and tolerant of my never ending questions and concerns.

What I'm looking forward to:  My next prenatal visit.  The first visit was unplanned, and completely last minute.  I had an ultrasound, but it was not considered my first official visit.  I've delayed scheduling the next visit, because I'm starting a new job and I'll have new insurance.  Additionally, Scottsdale OBs think its really clever to operate only during regular business hours.  This means that my next visit, and every visit for the rest of this pregnancy, will require that I either get to work late or leave early.  I wasn't exactly looking forward to breaking the "I'm pregnant" news to my new boss, but now I'm really dreading it.   

Random thoughts:  I really need to dye my roots.  One could say, I am "rootastic" at the moment.  But I'm really procrastinating dying my hair, because the first ten weeks of pregnancy are the most crucial to the development of the baby.  I don't want to jeopardize his health for the half inch of growth. 

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