Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gender Updates

Hello friends.  I know you are all itching with curiosity about our baby's gender, after all...cookies are on the line.  I wish it were as easy as just saying, "Its a boy!" or "Its a girl!", but I don't do things the easy way. 

So here's the story...

Casey and I could not have been more excited for the ultrasound on Monday.  We left work early, and arrived at the ultrasound facility way early.  We were lucky enough to be called back after only a mere 30 minutes of waiting, and before the ultrasound started, the tech offered us a DVD of the ultrasound.  I *thought* we were in good hands. 

Well after a half hour of heart and brain measurements, the tech decides to venture down south and says, "I think I see something hanging between the baby's legs; I think its a boy."  Casey and I look at each other, extremely excited, and just sort of squeeze each others hands to keep from screaming.  The ultrasound continues...for another 45 minutes...

For those of you who aren't terribly familiar with the anatomy scan ultrasound, the entire ultrasound is supposed to last 30 minutes tops.  This was one of several indicators that our ultrasound tech wasn't the brightest bulb.

The other indicator was the tech's unwillingness to answer any of my questions.  I lost all confidence in this broad when she finally stopped prodding and said, "I'm not sure I'm seeing what  I saw before, this might be a girl.  I'm going to go see if I can find another tech to help me with a few pictures."

She leaves and comes back with another tech.  The new tech begins prodding again, and says, "You'll have to excuse Rachel (the first tech), she isn't very familiar with this machine.  We've upgraded to all new machines, and Rachel hasn't trained on this one yet."

The second tech continues prodding, takes the necessary pictures, and then attempts to determine the gender.  She took a few snap shots of the pelvic region and pointed to a little bump, and said, "That's a lady bit, I think this is a girl." (alright, that's not a direct quote...but I'm not using any dirty words on my unborn child's blog)

Rachel later said, "That must have been a toe hanging between his legs."  Well friends, you tell me how one contorts their body to have a toe dangling between their buttcheeks!

Casey and I are still trying to understand how a little bump indicates that its a girl.  We're also still trying to understand how we got stuck with the new girl on the old, crappy ultrasound machine for such an important procedure.  Needless to say, we were not exactly thrilled with the experience.  We plan on having another ultrasound done in a few weeks to confirm the gender.  We are not comfortable shopping and planning a nursery based on yesterday; neither of the techs were confident. 

As I type this lovely blog post, Casey is reviewing our ultrasound DVD and comparing ultrasound shots with Google image.

So there you have it, those who guessed boy kinda won, and those who guessed girl kinda won.  I'll update you folks with something more concrete in a few weeks.  Also, sorry for the delayed weekly birthday post.  I'll try to post tomorrow night. 


  1. This explains it: http://www.ob-ultrasound.net/genderfaq.html

  2. We re-watched the ultrasound DVD last night, and we did not see the three lines... We're not getting attached to either gender at the moment. We're scheduling another ultrasound for November 15.