Thursday, October 28, 2010

18 weeks

Geez louise I am reallllllllllly late with this post; I'm now closer to 19 weeks than 18.  This week has been rather hectic.  Last night in my Statistics class I compiled a to-do list of all the little things Casey and I need to do between now and March.  The list is THREE pages long.  It makes me cry a little just thinking about it.  Alright, enough whining....

Baby is now the size of a: 7 ounce lobster tail - wow, I kind of want to eat my baby.  Her (maybe his) eye balls are becoming more sensitive to light and can detect light through my belly, especially if I shine a flashlight at my belly.  You know, because I do that a lot...perfectly normal.  There is still enough room in my belly for her/him to kick and twist like crazy.  At the ultrasound she was head up and very active (*cough, cough* NOT ideal for gender determination...)

How I'm feeling:  Tired, lots of lower back pain, and a new, unpleasant sensation:  crushed lungs!  Every few minutes my belly and chest get really fluttery and constrict, it gets hard to breathe, and I get light headed for about 30 seconds to a minute.  Me thinks ze bebe is encroaching on my lungs.  I'm also feeling a lot of baby kicks. Earlier today, I swear this kid was using my left rib as a monkey bar.  Omg, sore much?!  Oh ya, and I'm HUNGRY.  I'm hungry right now, and almost every half hour throughout the day. 

Physical differences from last week:  To me, the belly seems more round and hard.  This morning I was looking at my belly button and I think it looks wider.  Ya, ya kind of a weird observation.  Whatever.  Here's a pic at 18 weeks and two days:

What's been on my mind:  The baby's REAL gender.  A big part of me thinks its a girl; I think its unlikely that the technician was wrong.  The circumstances make it totally plausible that its actually a boy; afterall, they thought it was a boy for the first half hour.  But in the end, those techs are trained to determine gender and she probably knows what she's talking about.  That small part of me that recognizes the possibility that it may be a boy keeps me from fully committing to day dreams and plans for a little girl.  Casey doesn't want me to get attached to either gender until our next ultrasound, because he doesn't want me to be disappointed (again).  

What I'm looking forward to:  Our second opinion ultrasound.  Casey scheduled it for November 17 at 3:00.  Ugh, great another two week waiting game.  We wanted to wait until I'm at least 20 weeks along, so that the baby would be more developed and bigger, but geez that seems a long ways away.  Apparently the earlier the ultrasound, the more similar the two genders appear, as the baby is less developed.  I guess the optimal time to have the anatomy scan is 22-24 weeks; but, seriously, who the hell is going to wait that long?!  Especially in our situation!  So friends, mark your calendars.  We WILL get to the bottom of Baby Shelton's gender!!!

Random thoughts:  I need a lobster tail.  Stat!

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