Thursday, November 4, 2010

19 Weeks

I'm late, I know, I'm sorry friends.  Lets face it, I'm ALWAYS late. 

Baby is now the size of a: mango!  She is over six inches long and weighs almost nine ounces.  Go baby girl!!!  At this point she has developed her preference for her right or left hand; her brain is working on getting the five senses functional; she can hear us loud and clear; also, she can apparently feel my stress (so sorry for that, dear; Lord knows I'm constantly under stress).  She responds to my stress by becoming more active - which I'm feeling thank you very much - lots of kicking, rib grabbing, flutters, etc.  I swear this baby is having a love affair with my lower left rib. 

How I'm feeling:  Oh lets see...I officially have an itchy belly; my back hurts 99.9% of the time, and I cannot stay in the same position for more than fifteen minutes without shifting or stretching; and ravenous.  Also, my office had a fire drill on Wednesday...we had to walk down 19 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS; I am still in agony.  I know this has nothing to do with my pregnancy, but you asked how I'm feeling... 

Physical differences from last week:  Umm...9 pounds heavier...ya...that just happened.  Really its not that bad (I keep telling myself that), its perfectly normal for 19.5 weeks.  If I gain a pound a week for the rest of this pregnancy, I'll cap out at 29-30 pounds; which I'm allowing myself.  Casey made this wonderful side-by-side comparison to show you all how large and in charge I've become:

What's been on my mind:  Baby names.  Now that we're pretty sure its a girl, I kissed Gabe goodbye, and I am on a quest for the perfect girl name.  I always thought that I wanted Lucy to be my first daughter's name, and maybe I still do, but at the moment I am consulting baby name finders in my (non-existent) free time.  You will all, of course, know her name just as soon as I do.  :-)

What I'm looking forward to:  Getting our butt's in gear and finishing the darn house!  We're starting to slowly chip away at our three-page to-do list on the weekends.  In another month school will be out of the way, and we'll be able to devote all free time to getting ready for this baby!  Yayayay!

Random thoughts:  I'll use this section to tell you about my most recent prenatal visit.  Lemme tell ya, these visits really lose their glamor after the first visit or two.  I met the OB, and I hate her.  Now, I know I tend to hate A LOT of people, but I think its totally deserved in this case. Strike one: she INSISTED that I get a flu shot.  I have never gotten one before, and I didn't plan on starting while I was pregnant.  People, my arm still hurts!  Strike two: she has decided that even though my baby is measuring with a due date of March 28, she wants to use my phantom menstrual cycle/the first OB's estimate and stick with April 6.  I am thoroughly annoyed by this.  The April 6 due date was calculated by my first OB; if I hadn't told my current OB about that visit, she never would've come up with it on her own.  Her logic was full of holes and unclear.  So I'm still counting based on the March 28 due date, why the hell wouldn't I?!  Strike 3: her lousy sense of humor, assumption that Casey and I are Irish (because of our hair), and her uninterested behavior.  She made bad jokes incessantly, many of which were about Irish people, because you know, all people with red hair HAVE to be Irish.  When I finally got around to asking my questions, she directed her attention to the TV behind my head.  Bottom line, this is not the person I want at the foot of my vagina on D-Day.  I'm not going to change doctors, AGAIN, but damn, can't anything work out in this pregnancy?!  

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  1. If that is the case, my Mexican Red Head cousins are all Irish. That sucks, I hope she becomes better and time goes by.