Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mini Update

I wish this could be a HUGE update, but, sadly, its not.  We went to the ultrasound school last night for our second attempt at the gender determination, and it was a BIG.FAT.FAIL.  The baby was in breech position (AGAIN!), and she or he’s little leggies were closed up like a clam.  For those who don’t know what breech position is (as I did not know until yesterday), it is when the baby’s butt is against my belly and the noggin is up towards my ribs (i.e.:  not ideal for gender determination).  The baby was in this position at the last ultrasound, and that is why those ultrasound techs had such a hard time with the gender determination process. 

The game plan is to have another ultrasound in two weeks.  If the baby still hasn’t moved, I’ll go again; two weeks from that appointment.  If neither of those ultrasounds are able to confirm Baby Shelton’s gender, Casey and I are throwing in the towel, and joining Team Green.  Please don’t think I’m happy about this; I’m actually extremely bitter about being forced to be Team Green.  Don’t worry peeps, if it is Team Green to prevail, everyone that placed a bet will get a green cookie.  Ya, I’m sweet.


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  2. I know this this controversial but I wanted you to be aware of this chatter incase it is something to be concerned about...I mean you can always re-paint the room ;)