Monday, October 11, 2010


I know it's not time for Gabe's weekly birthday, but I received some rather sucky news today and I thought I'd share it with my devoted followers.  My OB called me today with the results from my blood tests; turns out I have Hypothyroidism.

What does that mean, you ask?   My thyroid is less active than it should be, and the rest of my body is working overtime to try and compensate for it.  The thyroid regulates the metabolism, and during pregnancy my thyroid influences the baby's thyroid (uh oh).  Luckily this condition was detected sooner rather than later, and there are medications that can supplement my lazy thyroid - that are completely safe during pregnancy - and remedy the situation.  Oh ya, and those darn vampires at the lab get to draw my blood biweekly for the remainder of my pregnancy!  

Symptoms (that I've had the pleasure of experiencing):   Headaches, extreme fatigue, irritability, difficulty sleeping, weakness, and sensitivity to the cold.  This really explains why I haven't felt that Second Tri energy boost; why sometimes its hard to just walk, when my limbs feel as if they are just dead weight; and why I've been extremely irritable (sorry Casey and Mom).

Fun facts about Hypothyroidism:  This condition is most common in young pregnant women.  Here I thought my age would be an asset throughout this pregnancy, and maybe even guarantee a low-risk pregnancy.  Haha, nope!

I shall keep you posted my friends, I assure you this won't be the last time we talk about Hypothyroidism on the Growing Baby Shelton blog.   I'm not really the kind of person to suffer in silence, and I really, REALLY hate having my blood drawn.

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