Sunday, October 17, 2010

17 weeks and a bet!

Baby is now the size of a:  Turnip!  He is just over 5 inches long, as wide as my palm, and weighs almost 6 ounces.  His bones continues to harden, and if an x-ray were taken today, you would be able to see his skeleton.  The baby's body is now covered in a thin hair called Lanugo, which he will shed later in third trimester.  Lastly, his eyes have begun to move side to side beneath his fused eye lids.  Oh, oh!  And....I felt the baby kick!  I was at work and I felt two little taps under my left rib; at first I thought, what the heck was that, and then I realized it was my little pumpkin.  :-) 

How I'm feeling:  Pretty good.  I started taking my thyroid supplement, and my energy has improved somewhat, but the weakness has not.  I've also developed a new, unpleasant sensation...round ligament pain (a.k.a.: growing pains).  In first tri I felt a few tugs here and there, but now it seems like my whole belly hurts all.the.time.   

Physical differences from last week:  I still refuse to weigh myself, unless in a doctor's office, but there was this development...Casey said, "Honey, you finally look pregnant!" 

What's been on my mind:  The baby's gender!  Only 8 days, geez louise its like waiting for Christmas!!!  Thinking about the baby's gender inevitably leads to daydreaming.  I visualize the nursery, and then I start thinking about our little family doing things like Disneyland, the beach, Zoo Lights, going to visit our family in Connecticut; and before you know it I've spent fifteen minutes zoned out at my desk...

What I'm looking forward to:  See above.

Random thoughts:  We have so much to do, ugh!  I have two friends that I reference for my pregnancy, and both had accomplished so much more by this time in their pregnancy.
The Bet:  I decided to start a bet with Casey, our families, our friends, and even some coworkers about the baby's gender.  Out of 17 peeps only two say its a girl (yes, this makes me very happy).  The winners will get a delicious blue or pink cookie, baked by yours truly.  Wanna bet?  You can email me or just comment below.     

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  1. So thats why you asked me the other day hehe. I'm going to guess boy because that has been my experience LOL 3 younger brothers =p BTW it's Carrie if you're not familiar with my user name hehe