Thursday, April 14, 2011

I survived... first solo outing with Lucy!  No Casey, no Grandpa, just Momma Bear and Lulu!!!

This might not sound like a major accomplishment to anyone else, but I was verrrry stressed about the whole thing.  Lucy had her one month check-up on Tuesday morning (even though she won't be a month old for another 4 days from now), and because of the early appointment time, Casey couldn't be there with us.

My biggest fear about going out with Lucy alone was the driving; what if she started crying while we were driving?!  Well, I still don't know the answer to that question (its not like I can console her from the driver's seat), but I am happy to report my pumpkin didn't make a peep the entire drive!

She was a little fussy with the pediatrician (I think she's starting to recognize this evil woman who always bothers her), and we had to stay a little longer than planned for a feeding, but the appointment was great otherwise.  Here are Lucy's (not quite) one-month stats:

Weight:  8 pounds, 11 ounces  (50th percentile)
Height:  21.5 inches  (75th percentile)

After hearing that our little girl wasn't so little, I asked the pediatrician if she would eventually make projections of Lucy's height as an adult.  She said that projections are based on an average of the mother and father's height, and the time at which the mother and father went through puberty.  Apparently, the younger you are when you hit puberty, the quicker you stop growing.  All this nonsense means Lucy would normally come in around 5'6" (holy hell that's tall!), BUT since Casey and I were both "early bloomers", Lucy will most likely be as well - which means she'll probably favor a height closer to mine (phew!).  We never EVER imagined having tall offspring (sorry future, unborn son!).

On a totally unrelated note, Lucy's weight gain sparked the use of our BumGenius dipes!  As much as we LOVED the prefolds, we LOVE the BumGenius even more!  They are so much less bulky and so much less involved; its literally like putting on a disposable (but not as expensive, and not as environmentally evil).

How cute am I?

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