Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lucy is one month old (yesterday).

Yes, this post is a day late.  My bad.  We were just so busy celebrating Lucy's one month birthday yesterday, there was no time for blogging.

Lucy has been with us for one whole month now, though it feels much longer.  I cannot remember life before she was here; its like she has always been here.  A friend of mine said that about her baby boy when he was first born, and now, I truly know that feeling.

Lucy is the smallest, most beautiful person I have ever seen.  Everyone tells me the best is yet to come, and maybe that's true, but for now, I love every second that I spend with her.  Every noise she makes, every coo, hum, screech, and gurgle makes me smile (ok, maybe not the screaming - thank God that's a rarity).  She has such a sweet, loving personality already, and she's only a month old; I know she will be just like her Daddy in that sense, and that makes me so happy. 

Lucy's big milestone this month is lifting her head and bobbing it all around.  She is a champ when it comes to tummy time - she has such a strong neck!  She is very vocal, she coos and gurgles whenever she's eating or ready to eat.  She also smiles and giggles in her sleep (all those dreams of milk and cuddling would make anyone smile).  And she absolutely loves to stare at Casey and I, the puppies, and the ceiling fan; I can see her eyes following me when I walk away from her.  Only a month old, and she's absolutely perfect.

 Lucy, we love you, more than you could ever know.  
Happy One Month Birthday, my love.  Now please stop growing so fast! 

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