Monday, March 26, 2012

Washing bottles is overrated

(I'm sure my Mom will thoroughly enjoy this post...)  She's been telling me since Lucy was, oh, I don't know, 6 weeks old that I needed to use Playtex Nurser Drop-In Bottles.  But being the neurotic, exclusively breastfeeding, new mom that I was, I said, NO!  She will only use Breastflow Bottles!!!  And we all remember how well that worked out.  We were content being slaves to the Medela brand (despite the collapsing nipples and cheapy bottle rings that crack if you look at them wrong).  And my Mom was content using the Playtex bottle when she had Lucy Duty.

My love of Playtex began very recently - shortly after Lu started going to daycare, and it deepened with the transition to formula.  Because there are few things that I hate more than washing a half dozen stinky bottles at 11 pm...

There's no telling how Baby #2 will tolerate the bottle, but you can bet your buns we'll  introduce it much earlier, and we'll also throw a Playtex into the rotation. 


  1. We LOVE the Playtex Nurser Drop-In Bottles! Those were the only ones Zach would take and I am all about not having to wash a ton of bottles everyday.

  2. Lady- I feel you! I love me some Dr. Brown bottles- hate the 6 pieces per bottle. Lu is just so lucky (and Lil blue too) to have a mama willing to do whatever it takes to keep her happy (and full) including washing stinky bottles at 11pm!

  3. Just hours after writing this post I got a drop in liner with a hole in it, and spilled milk all over my kitchen... FAIL.