Wednesday, March 21, 2012

12 Months

One whole year.  I told you to slow down, Lucy Lu...but did you listen?  No ma'am.  My squishy, helpless newborn is now a distant memory; you're my big girl, my big, baaaaad toddler(Bah!  I'm already crying...)

At 12 Months:

You talk all.the.time.  Everyday your teachers tell me about the stories you tell; they set you up in the jumperoo, in the big kids room, and you talk to all the kids. 

You're finally saying Mama as much or more than Dada, still no clue if you're differentiating.  You also try to say doggy, but it sounds more like da-ee

You go to daycare 4 days a week, Tuesday through Friday, and hang with Momma on Mondays.  You love daycare and you're doing wonderfully; eating well, taking two solid naps, you even have a boyfriend!  And it's funny because he's actually our neighbor; we see him playing outside on our nightly walks, and he calls out to you, Ucy Uuuucy!

You love to finger paint with pudding.

You crawl and cruise A LOT.  You are always moving and always getting into everything.  I actually have to watch you (and baby-proof) now...

Oh hey, should I not be in here?
Or here?
YOU TOOK YOUR FIRST STEPS TODAY!  You took 4 steps towards me, without holding on to anything!

You have a new nickname this month: Old Lady Lucy.

Yes, that is in fact a walker...
You roll a lot.  Not a new trick by any means, but you take off rolling as soon as I lay you down.  Diaper changes are pretty much impossible.  Bottomless crawling is totally adorbs, but it's risky business.

You've started dancing on command.  You bounce up and down and shake your tush when Momma or Grammy sing to you. 

You plop down on your bum every couple of steps and yell, Ooh!

You got your first ball last week - Grammy couldn't resist giving you an early birthday present - and you scream with excitement every time we roll the ball to you.

You also looove your activity walker:

You went almost three weeks with no flem, but woke up hella congested on your birthday.  

You have 6 teeth, and I apparently need to start brushing them.

You have transitioned to cow's milk.

You hate sippy cups. 

You've become very opinionated at meal time.  You smack the spoon out of my hand if you don't like what I'm serving - especially anything with texture.  Very frustrating.  Going to start working on manners, like NOW.

You are quite the drama llama with tantrums galore.

Pick me up NOW, Momma!  Rawr!
You love bathtime.  You actually kick and scream when I take you out, and the screaming continues until you fall asleep...

You sleep through the night, but occasionally wake and self soothe.  Bedtime was moved back to 7:00, but your wake time varies between 5:00-6:00.  You sleep on your tummy and move all over your crib. 

You weigh approximately 25 pounds (95th percentile).

You are 29.5 inches long (90th percentile); and the pediatrician believes, based on your growth pattern over the last year, that you'll grow to be 5'7" or taller.  Taking after Auntie Fallon, eh??

You are wearing one size pocket diapers on the largest setting and size 2 covers, and you're in 18 month clothing.

You got three immunizations yesterday, and you were such a trooper!  Fortunately, we won't see the doctor again until June. 

You celebrated your first St. Patty's Day.

You celebrated your FIRST birthday, after having a gorgeous 12 month portrait session.

You are the brightest part of my day.  You've taught me so much in these 12 short months (but I'll save the weepy stuff for my Dear Lucy letter).  I love you so very much, words can't even begin to describe it.  You are beautiful, you are happy, and you are healthy.  Quite frankly, my darling, you are too good to be true.

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  1. It is so fun watching them with walkers, they are so proud of themselves.