Thursday, March 29, 2012

To paint, or not to paint the nursery?

I literally found, and fell in love with, this nursery just days after taking my pregnancy test:

I knew, boy or girl, this nursery would be perfect for my two kiddos.  (Because, oh yeah, they'll be sharing a room.)  I love the idea of hanging each of their names over their cribs.  And I think the trees will be a really fun and inexpensive way to decorate the walls!  I've been very happy with Lucy's crib and plan to buy a matching one for Babe; and I've also decided that we can manage without adding a dresser, so the changing table stays! 

Now for my dilemma...  Which wall color coordinates best? 
The current wall color (not adequately shown in the Nursery Reveal) is called Orange Confection:

And the new palette that I'm considering:

Lets hear your thoughts, Readers!! 
Would the green walls clash with my plans for a green glider?  Should I get a different (maybe more conservative) color glider??


  1. I like the orange, especially if you want to do trees on the wall. I don't think the green would clash as long as the orange is pale enough and the green isn't too bright.

  2. I think the glider you like will do fine with the current orange. Love the nursery idea!