Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our transition to cow's milk

Was pretty dang easy!  (And thank God for that - we could use a little more easy peasy in this house!)

Lu had her first taste of cow's milk five days before her first birthday, and was transitioned after just two days.  No special timing was used; we happened to be approaching the end of our present can of formula, and I didn't want to buy another.  The first swig resulted in her classic EWWW, what the eff?! face - probably due to the drastic change in temperature.  (I had started giving her room temperature formula months prior, but refrigerated milk is downright cold.)  So I played around with different formula-milk ratios over the next two days, until all the bottles were eventually just milk.

We were verrry fortunate, as Lucy has shown no sensitivity to dairy, no fussiness or tummy troubles!  Our pediatrician said to keep the milk intake between 24-32 ounces each day, which hasn't been a problem.  She seems to really like milk much more than formula.  Now if only we get over her aversion to sippy cups.........


  1. Great! I hope the same thing happens to us in a month... I'm still breast feeding and lately my daughter has a HUGE preference for the boob! Have you tried the cups with straws? My daughter refuses the regular Sippy but loves the cups with the straws and does great with them... Good luck!

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Good for you for still breastfeeding!!! A few friends also recommended straw sippy cups...I think it's about time we give that a try. Thanks, dear! :-)