Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gender Guesses

In case you missed it, the ultrasound at 12 weeks indicated an 80 percent chance that Baby #2 is a little mister!  I am very excited at the thought of having a son.  BUT there is still a chance that there's a little lady in my belleh!  And I am equally as excited for that possibility.  I have an absurdly close relationship with my family.  My brother and sister aren't just my siblings, they are my best friends.  And the thought of Lucy having that kind of bond with her little brother or sister....well, that just makes me smile. 

Circa 1999

So...with the anatomy scan fast approaching (Monday!!), I thought it'd be fun to compare this pregnancy to some of the old wives tales and gender predictors. 

Extreme nausea means you are having a girl.  Nope, none at all!  Boy.
If your hands are dry, you are having a boy; soft -- expect a girl.  Dry and cracking.  Boy.
If you're craving citrus, you're having a girl.  Craving orange juice!  Girl.
If your skin breaks out, expect a girl.  Nope, no change.  Boy.
If you feel graceful during pregnancy, you'll have a girl. Clumsy? It's a boy.  Unusually clumsy.  Boy.
If you gain weight in your face, you're having a girl.  No (not yet).  Boy.
Craving salt? Expect a boy. Something sweet? You're having a girl.  Lots of sweet cravings.  Girl.
Feeling extremely moody? Expect a girl.  Nope.  Boy.
If baby is low, expect a boy. High, it's a girl.  Pretty low, but higher than it was with Lucy.  Boy.

 If you're carrying in front, it's a boy. Carrying in your middle?  It's a girl.  Umm...middle.  Girl.
Chinese Gender Predictor:  Girl.
If your age and year of conception are both even or odd, it's a girl. One even, one odd means it's a boy.  Both odd.  Girl.
If your leg hair growth is slowing down, it's a girl.  Increasing?  It's a boy.  Pretty much grows back as soon as I finish shaving.  Gross, but true.  Boy.
If the baby's heart beat is more than 150 times per minute, you'll have a girl. Less than 150, a boy.  Always over 150.  Girl.
Motherly Intuiton:  I got nothin' (didn't with Lucy either).

Boy: 8; Girl: 6

Do you think Baby #2 is a boy or a girl?
Does anyone know of any other gender predictors? 


  1. Have you done the needle over your belly one yet? I did that one it said boy and we now have Zach. And my vote is... BOY!

    1. I haven't tried the needle test, will have to this weekend! Thanks dear!!

  2. I'm thinking this is a little girl... no..little boy... no.... little girl.... little boy... oh what do I know, it's a beautiful baby Shelton and either way, I suspect, exactly what you want. Can't wait to find out, for sure, just so we can start calling him little Ricky... or little Ethyl. Of course, we could always call him Babalou... that kinda just grows on ya!

    1. Hehehe!!! Another friend declared that I just HAVE to name him Ricky if it's a boy. I like Babablou, though. ;-)

  3. I'm terrible at gender guesses... I thought I was having a boy (even after the ultrasound showed girl). It took me until 25 weeks and multiple ultrasounds to finally agree it was a girl!