Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Reasons: Why I love bed-sharing

Whenever I tell people that we are a co-sleeping family, they look at my like I have two heads.  People just assume Lucy sleeps in her crib, and that she has for months.  I find that quite frustrating, and even offensive at times.

I know we've already had this conversation about why bed-sharing is awesome, but I feel like taking it a step further and sharing the top ten reasons why I love it... 

10.  Lucy sleeps better, and that means I sleep better. 

9.  I get to fall asleep listening to Lucy breathing.  (Does that sound creepy?)

8.  It gives new meaning to the phrase "Fast Food", I can whip my boob out and go right back to sleep.
7.  Saturday mornings.  (My favorite part of the week!)  We wake up and play, and cuddle, take pictures, and just enjoy each other.  No rushing around to get to work or wherever else.

6.  No need for one of those pesky baby monitors! 

5.  It put my mind at ease knowing the SIDS risk was decreased.  

4.  I like to think that this bond and closeness is creating a foundation for our relationship in the years to come, as it did for my mom and I.  (Maybe that's an Italian thing?)

3.  Catching Lulu laughing and smiling in her sleep. 

2.  Watching Casey kiss Lucy and talk to her in the mornings, before he leaves for work, when he thinks I'm still asleep.

1.  Waking up to Goosey's sweet face.

Of course there is one small drawback to bed-sharing...  Now that Lulu has gotten a little bigger and more mobile, I occasionally have to fight for my side of the bed!


  1. I love this post, and it reinforces What my heart knows to be true- I will be a cosleeping mama. Have you heard of sidecaring the crib to give you and goose more room? Since we are already short of room wit us and our two pups that is what we plan to do. I love that I will have time snuggling my babe all night since I will have to be away for long hours in residency!!

  2. I get to fall asleep listening to Lucy breathing.- not at all. When I get into bed each night I snuggle next to Leo just so I can hear him breath for a bit, it is relaxing.

  3. LOL Tay I am the exact opposite of you in terms of parenting, in so many ways. I couldn't wait to put Connor in his crib in his room, and we were only using a co-sleeper next to the bed. I was so happy to have our room back for us and I could not sleep with all the sounds he makes in his sleep! But I think its great to see the way other people do things and whatever works for our individual families is best for each of us!

    OK potentially creepy question here but I've always wondered this about those who bed share (my BIL and SIL do too) do you work in "you and Casey time" if ya know what I mean...??? Do it somewhere else? You don't have to answer if I'm being too nosy haha!

  4. Aww hugs to both Lindsey and mestills! Its always nice to hear from other bed-sharing mommas (and mommas-to-be).

    Deanna, I literally lol-ed when I read your comment! You silly lady! Believe it or not that's not the first time I've been asked that question, and I forsee a blog post with the answer in the very near future. :-) And I couldn't agree more, its great to hear and learn about other parents view points and practices. *hugs*

  5. ETA: Nothings too nosey for this girl! HA!