Friday, September 16, 2011

Confessions: Week 13

Confession #27:  One time I accidentally sterilized my breast pump tubing.  And it melted.

Confession #28:  During my second pumping session on Thursday, Mrs. Right started a lot.  I was reading my book when I looked down and saw a thick ring of blood in the breast shield tunnel; then I saw blood dripping down into the connector, pooling in the valve.  ::gag::  I stopped pumping immediately, and, thankfully, no blood dripped down into the milk.  Commence freak out.  I called four lactation consultants (yes, FOUR, and not one of them answered), my OB, another breastfeeding momma (hi Stacy!), and my momma.  My Momma Bear suggested that I call the pump manufacturer, and that's when I finally got my answer.  Apparently my breast pump, The Swing, can only be used with one type of connector/pump body....  Meaning, my Medela Accessory Value Pack is proving to be less and less of a value.

Confession #29:  Today marks one full week of no walk-ins while pumping.  Hoorah!  Maybe my barricade is working? 

Happy Friday, dears!  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  If this is your first time visiting for my ohsobrilliant series Confessions of a Pumping Mother, you've got loads to catch up on!!

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