Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday

About this time 21 years ago, my mom was stuck in the transition phase of labor.  She was one week past her due date and induced with Pitocin.  She labored for over 18 hours before finally having a cesarean.  Like mother, like daughter.   

21 years ago, I was in Lucy's shoes.  Just a sweet, chubby baby that loved to be in her momma's arms.

And in 21 years, I pray that I have the same (freakishly) close, loving relationship with my Lucy, that I have with my mom.  Am hoping Lucy will be significantly less bitchy than me when she's 21. 

This year, for my birthday, I got some perspective.  I can appreciate what my mom sees when she looks at me. I am beginning to appreciate what she went through/goes through as a parent.  I can appreciate the big picture.  I love you Momma Bear, thank you.


  1. what a sweet post :) Happy Bday!

  2. hope you had a good day!! Crazy how much you and lucy look when you were a baby!!!