Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lucy N.A.P.S.

Please ignore Casey, who is also a great napper, passed out on the floor...

I know that I've complained a time or two about Lucy's napping abilities, but over the past week it became very clear to me that her napping abilities are just fine. 

My nap-giving abilities, on the other hand, need(ed) some work.

With the help of my darling friends, Jaye and Meg, one very informative mommy blogger, and ultimately, Dr. Polly Moore, I have discovered the secret to infant napping!!

Its called, The 90-Minute Baby Sleep Program or N.A.P.S.

Note time when baby wakes up
Add 90 minutes
Play, feed, or pursue other activities
Soothe baby back to sleep

Now, right off the bat, I know most of you are probably thinking, "Gee, that's A LOT of napping!"  (*cough* Mom!)  Well, let me tell you, 1) It is NOT and 2)  Frequent napping helps baby sleep through the night.  Babies brains are in a constant state of development, even when they're sleeping - which is a whole other post, and so consequently, they need to nap every couple of hours!  

This book taught us so much.  We've learned to recognize Lulu's sleep cues; we've actually developed a schedule; we finally realized that the mysterious fussiness was actually over-stimulation; and, it has made for an overall happier Goosey.  What I loved most about this book was that it didn't advocate Cry-It-Out, because neither Casey or I agree with the CIO method, and it seems like the majority of books on infant sleep do so.  Dr. Moore actually points out that sleep training should not be used until at least 6 months.

From the very first day we used N.A.P.S. we noticed an improvement in Lulu's sleep quality.  Lucy is very much on a 90-minute clock (some babies are 120-minutes); she is very expressive in her sleep cues, it is unbelievable to me that we never noticed them before last week.  Prior to reading this book I always had to nurse Lucy down, but now she'll go down in her swing!  And if we catch her cues at the right moment she'll go down verrry easily. 

As for sleeping better at night...she's up to 8 hour stretches!!!  After almost a month of hourly waking, it is a very welcome change!!  I recommend you all go buy this book immediately, you will not be disappointed.

A well rested Goose is a happy goose.

Has anybody else used (and LOVED) the N.A.P.S. program?  What is your baby's nap time ritual?  


  1. We do something similar...we follow the EASY routine. Eat, activity, sleep, you time (mommy that is :) Connor will usually go 1.5-2 hrs from the time he wakes until its time for another nap or he gets super cranky and fussy. The only thing I find difficult is it all gets thrown off when we have to go out...but I have to get things done so I guess things just have to get thrown off!

  2. Deanna, I am SO impressed that you've already got Connor on a schedule! Good for you!! I know what you mean about getting thrown off - Lucy's naps are the same way, so I just have to do my best to time errands around her 90 minutes.