Saturday, September 10, 2011

"You're due for x-rays"

I had an interesting visit at the dentist's office this morning (yes, I had a Saturday appointment - whoa!).

I say it was interesting because two sorta crummy things happened.  First, the dentist tells me I'm due for x-rays and that I need to get them done today.  I didn't know how that would affect breastfeeding, so I was sitting there having this internal debate, screaming "My boobs, MY MILK!!!"  And then, once she started cleaning, I start bleeding.  Like a lot.  Like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was taking place in my mouth. 

Problem #1 was easily avoided, I just asked that we wait for the next visit to do the x-rays.  Nbd.  Even though, come to find out, there is no known impact on breastfeeding.  So, nursing mommas, if you plan to visit the dentist while you are breastfeeding and you happen to need x-rays, rest assured knowing that its a-okay.  For more info, peep these sites:  here and here and here.

Problem #2 was not so easy peasy.  The dentist needed hella gauze and suction to control those ridiculous gums of mine.  She really didn't know what to say about it, she thought it might be hormonally induced but wasn't really sure.  I've been researching since I got home, and I haven't found anything on postpartum bleeding gums...  Bleeding gums can be a symptom of pregnancy gingivitis (which I did have), but that's supposed to clear up after giving birth.  She said to watch it for one month and to call if there's no improvement. At which point they'd have to use a local anesthesia and do a "deep cleaning" of the gums to stimulate the healing process and reduce inflammation.  

Sounds fun (and expensive), huh?  Is anyone else experiencing something similar?


  1. OUCH! I'm sorry that you're experiencing problem #2 but at least problem #1 wasn't really a problem!

    I hope your gum problem clears up on it's own before they have to do "deep cleaning" (sounds wicked painful!!!)

  2. Wow, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I have never been through anything like that. I'm scared to go to the dentist, eek! I hope the gum problem goes away on it's own.

  3. I had WICKED bleeding gums throughout my pregnancy but luckily it stopped post-partum! It's awful, I feel your pain!

    Nurse Loves Farmer