Monday, August 15, 2011

4 (almost 5) Month Wake

::waves::  Hello everyone!  I've missed you!

I thoroughly enjoyed my week off of work!  But wouldn't you know it?  The week I decide to stay home is the week Lucy comes into her 4 month wake.  What is the 4 month wake, you ask?  Let me tell you....

A truly rare site in the Shelton home.

At 4 months old a baby's little brain begins developing cognitive thought.  Babies are observing the world and learning from the moment they are born, but the real fun happens from age 4-7 months.  Babies begin to understand cause and effect, their attention span and memory increases, and (closer to 7 months) object permanence.  Neat, huh?

Casey and I have always known that Lulu is absolutely brilliant, just look at her:

"Oh my, Dada!  Your glasses look dirty, I'll clean them for you."
All these super cool developments do come with a price tag...  Oh hello, fussiness!  What up, distracted eater!  Goodbye, naptime!  Au revoir, sleeping through the night!

So for the last week or so Lucy has been extremely fussy and distracted while breastfeeding.  Like, eat for five seconds - pause - look around, eat for another 10 seconds - pause - whip her head around (with my boob still in her mouth) to see something distracted.  And holy hell, is she a fuss pot!  I have no idea what she wants.  This is the first time I've ever felt truly frustrated as a new mom.

She's also cut her two 60+ minute naps to three, sometimes four, 15-20 minute naps.  And my favorite side effect, so far, has been her nighttime sleeping....she has literally woke up a minimum of five times each night for the last six nights.  Every hour on the hour, after 11 pm.  Including last night.  Only this week, I do have to work.  ::sobs::    

My good friend, Jenn, told me all about the 4 month wake over lunch last week, since her little cutie pie (who's just ten days younger than Lulu) is going through the very same thing.  All along I had been blaming teething pains, ha!

The week wasn't all bad though...

We had lunch dates with baby friends

We swam

We had a birthday

Birthday Daddy!
We got new fluff (post to come!)

Yes, that's a paci.  No, she's still not taking them.
And we even started sitting up on our own!

Unfortunately, the only pic I managed to take is blurry.  Poo.
How was everyone's week?  Fill me in!


  1. oh isn't she darling! Best wishes during the 4 month wake! Never heard of it before. Your blog is ever so educational. ;)

  2. Oh, the 4 month wakeful period! Going thru that now. I hope it passes quickly for both of us. New follower from the tues hop. Would love the follow back:)

  3. I'm so glad I have all these blogs to see what I get to look forward to...
    New follower from TaT :)
    Thanks for the follow from The Southern Mommy Chronicles

  4. New follower! :O) Loving the blog. Just remember all of these things will pass, the wakeful will not last forever. Hang in there momma!

  5. She is so adorable! :)
    Following you back from TAT

  6. Returning the following favor from TaT!

  7. She is a DOLL. Following from TAT! And I found with my little monster that every phase passes within 3 weeks. So hang in there!

  8. Awww. She's such a cutie. Found your blog on TAT, and I'm now following you on GFC.

  9. Absolutely adorable! My little one never had a 4 month wakeful because he hasn't STTN. I've loved the period between 4-7 months the best so far!

    New follower from TAT.

  10. Following you back from TAT, thanks for the follow :) Lucy is beautiful and looks so full of life. You are absolutely right about their personalities coming out at this point, Alex is a hoot, he's just a month younger than yours, he'll be 5 months on Sept.4th. So the 4 month wake, good to know there is an explanation for Alex's sudden change in well, everything!