Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sassy Pediatricians

Lulu got her 4 month vaccinations on Monday.  It sucked.

She got them at her new pediatrician's office. 

We recently broke up with Pediatrician #1 (after being treated poorly for about four months).  I never actually got around to interviewing pediatricians while I was pregnant.  So we went with a one-woman practice that came very highly recommended.... 

We should have switched practices after the first appointment, when she not only made me cry, but also made us wait 2.5 hours to be seen.  She was an excellent doctor.  We really trusted her opinion and valued her dedication; BUT...we did not appreciate her blunt, extremist comments, nor did we like waiting for hours on end and/or being rescheduled time and time again.  So we switched.

And that sassy pediatrician charged me for it!  25 bucks!  25 lousy bucks to transfer Goosey's file.  The nerve!  AND we even picked it up!  I've never paid to transfer files, and we've changed doctors several times over the years.  Naturally, this pissed me off.  And naturally, I let her know that.  Good riddance!

Enter Pediatrician #2.  I like them.  I really do.  Their office is in Fountain Hills.  They actually have a staff.  They were recognized as one of the best doctors in Arizona in some magazine.  We're cool. 

What's not cool is the sassy nursing staff.  I just can't escape the sass!  They're not the friendliest bunch of gals, at least they weren't until they heard two words:  exclusively breastfed.  Not that that should matter to them, but their tone instantly warmed when they asked about Goosey's diet.

It doesn't personally bother me, so long as my little Goosey girl receives good care (and in a timely manner). 

Who me?
Has anyone out there experienced a similar situation?  Or noticed a difference in attitudes of health care professionals when it comes to breast milk vs. formula?


  1. We got super lucky. We didn't interview Ped's either, but the Ped we have, has an adopted child. So clearly he understands our formula choice =) He also understands the "not consistent" medical history. Like I said, we just got SUPER lucky.

  2. Yuck. I think noting is worse than a terrible pediatrician! C'mon!

    We, too, are lucky in that T is a pediatric nurse and works closely with one of the attendings who has his own practice. T already knew what a great Dr. he was, so that was that!

  3. I am glad you found one you like. I think when my kids were little we changed at least 3 or 4 times until we found a great one.
    New follower, hope you follow back.

  4. Yeah...right there with you. We chose Z's pediatrician because he's the "crunchiest" one in town, and I know his wife from LLL and prenatal yoga, etc. Anyway, once he found out we were not EBFing anymore, I feel like he totally wrote me off as a "good" parent (meaning one who likes to do things the natural way). I hate that, because I really want to like him...but I take medication that isn't safe for BFing, and if I go without it, I have trouble even picking up my LO. Sigh...