Friday, August 5, 2011

Confessions: Week 7

Confession #19:  I beat that crazy lady to the conference room!  I turned the corner and cut her off (accidentally, of course), and all but ran to get to the conference room before her.

Confession #20:  When I pump it feels like my nipples are slowly being split open.  Me no likey.

Confession #21:  I only put Lucy to the breast twice yesterday.  That is just how little I saw her.  Part of that is my fault, because we had to reschedule our date night from Friday to Thursday, BUT that ten hour work day isn't helping the situation.

These confessions are part of a series that I started shortly after returning to work, Confessions of a Pumping Mother.  My confessions range from ramblings to fun facts, to accidental mishaps (like this) and extreme pumpingDid you miss last week's confessions

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