Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Confessions: Week 8-11

Am I a terrible Catholic or what?  Its been weeks since my last confession!!

ETA:  Today marks my 3 month pump-iversary.  Wowza!

Confession #22:  I'm beginning to hate my right boob.

Confession #23:  I'm beginning to hate pumping in general.  Not so much that I'd ever think about quitting, but the flange situation combined with the general discomfort of pumping and the amount of time it takes me to can get frustrating some days...

Confession #24:  Two weeks ago a MAN walked in on me pumping.  I will never understand what would possess someone to open a closed door without knocking.  And then that following weekend, at a friend's baby shower, three separate women walked in on me nursing Lulu.  Granted I was in the purse room/office, but still, closed door!! 

These confessions are part of a series that I started shortly after returning to work, Confessions of a Pumping Mother.  My confessions range from ramblings to fun facts, to accidental mishaps (like this) and extreme pumping.


  1. Do you really think a mere closed door will stop people? I once had a man try to get someone to unlock the locked conference room door while I was pumping so he could get into the room. This was right after I had told him (and my other co workers) that I would be using that conference room to pump three times/day and the door would be locked. Some people just don't get it.

  2. Actually, I did expect that. I respect closed doors, and I assumed that others would too.

  3. You should make a sign, "Warning Boobies!"

  4. Ha ha... great idea about the sign!! I used to put one up that said "room in use" and that seemed to help!

    I respect closed doors as well but apparently, in your case, some don't!!