Thursday, August 18, 2011

5 Months

Dear Goosey Girl:

Happy 5 Month Birthday, my love!  You are the sweetest, most beautiful girl in the world, and this past month has really brought out your personality!    

At 5 months:

You are the happiest girl in the world!  And that's no exaggeration, everyone that's ever met you can attest to that.

You talk all day long, and I absolutely love it.  I keep waiting for you to look up at me and say Hi Momma!

You are almost sitting up on your own.

You have phenomenal leg and neck strength.

You've started blowing little raspberries.  Generally on my neck.

You have taken the pacifier ONE TIME in your five months. 

You are a professional roller.  Anytime I set you on your wiggle worm mat, you immediately roll to your belly.

You're still not sleeping through the night - especially this past week!  But I don't mind one bit, because we've got the rest of our lives to sleep.

You still bed-share with Daddy and I full time.

You're pushing 19 pounds and you are 26 inches long.  Hence my "mom arms".

You still wear medium size cloth diapers (thank God!) and you'll be graduating to 6-9 month clothing this weekend - after some shopping and unpacking.

You are still exclusively breastfed (much to Grammy's dismay).  You get three bottles a day while you're with Grampy and the boob the rest of the time.  We plan to test drive solids on your 6 month birthday. 

You LOVE mirrors and you've finally started to really play with your toys.  Especially Spottie.

Your big girl legs have officially outgrown the Bumbo.  ::sigh:: 

You love your Daddy.  You have so much fun with him.  The two of you play and play and play every night together.  He makes you giggle and smile like no one else can.

You are quite the swimmer, you just love the water.  You do a baby doggy paddle in the pool and you kick your legs at bath time.  Two of the cutest things I've ever seen.

You still don't have any teeth, but everything you touch goes right to your mouth.

And, much to my surprise, this was your best monthly photo shoot to date!  Here are a few of my favorites...

We love you, beautiful! 


  1. She is too cute! What kind if diaper is she wearing?

  2. Good for you for not listening to Grammy! We EBF'd until 5m1w because he was showing WAY too many signs of being ready to eat, so we knew he was ready!