Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Confessions: Week 3 & 4

Were you missing your weekly confessions last week?  I sure was!

You'd think having only worked 2.5 days last week, I wouldn't have much to confess.  Well you'd be wrong, my dears!  To make up for my absence....EXTRA confessions!!!

Confession #6:  (unrelated to breastfeeding) I stopped wearing make up after Lucy was born.   Not sure if that makes me a feminist or just lazy.

Confession #7:  There is an obscene amount of breast milk on the conference room table. 

Confession #8:  When getting dressed in the morning, I have to ask myself, Can I yank my boob out easily in this top?

Confession #9:  It biggest fear...someone walked in on me pumping last week.  AND after she realized what I was doing, she still asked if she could use the phone in the conference room.  ::smacks head::  NO!  No you cannot, lady!!!

Confession #10:  I have to walk by the office candy bowl every time I go to pump, and every time I need to tell myself, NO!  Two pounds, TWOOO pounds!!!

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  1. how embarrasing with the pump! Did she end up staying or did she leave? Two pounds isn't bad a candy every once and a while isn't bad only when you have it every single time!! I wish I had 2lbs to go lol

  2. My work has a locked room and I have a key so I don't worry about people walking in on me... I'm feeling very lucky. I have a confession though: I actually really really hate pumping...