Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The awkward and personal things...

...that people say, ask, and share with you when you're a mom.

I hear the strangest things when I'm grocery shopping, getting gas, strolling through the mall, you name it.  Having a baby is like an invitation for unwanted small talk.  I realize that might make me sound like an evil old shrew, but its the truth.

People will come up to me and ask a pretty generic question, how old is she or what's her name, just so they can tell me about THEIR children or THEIR birth weight or THEIR chronic asthma.  I do not freaking care cashier lady!  Give me my damn receipt, and let me be on my merry way!!!

No really, I do NOT care.
Grocery shopping used to be very therapeutic for me (pre-Lucy).  I used to take my time, stroll through every aisle thinking about possible new recipes....  Now its a game of speed.  In and out.  I even made a comprehensive shopping list to help move things along.  It doesn't matter though, because at least two people will stop me in the store to tell me all about how they were in labor for 45 hours and had a 13 pound baby..

Some of the weird things that I've been asked and/or told....

(Male) cashier at Fry's...  Was your husband in the room for the birth? 

Florist at Safeway (after first, VERY clearly, glancing at my boobs)...  So you're breastfeeding?

Co-worker (that I am not close with by any means)...  Did you lose all of the baby weight yet?  Did you get a lot of stretch marks? 

Fellow Costco customer...  She's so big!!!  She must have been a big baby to birth!  Did you tear a whole lot?

Nurse at Pediatrician #1's office...  THAT'S a c-section baby!!!  I can tell by the head!

Bag boy at Safeway...  You must feel a lot of relief carrying her on the outside now.  You were pretty huge!

My least favorite, and unfortunately most common comment, You're not feeding her enough!  

HAHA!  You're hilarious.
Am I the only one?  PLEASE tell me some of you mommas have had to deal with comments like these!


  1. Oh my goodness, those are ridiculous! I'm shocked that people speak to you like that.

    Thankfully I've never really encountered these types of comments much. I guess the *most* we've ever gotten was, "Is he a boy? Oh good, because he really looks like one." Not sure if it was a compliment or not but...thanks?

  2. People say the darndest things. I get the "you're not feeding her enough" comment all.the.time. Um yes I am! I feed her when she's hungry. People are dum.
    By the way... Did you lose all the baby weight yet? Did you get a bunch of stretch marks?
    I was in labor for 28 hours. I had a peanut baby and she still tore up my vag 6 ways to Sunday. :p

  3. I am with you, I use to love grocery shopping and now it is about how quickly I can do it. And I am always trying to think of good replies for people like that but usually I can't think of anything until after they are gone.

  4. I never liked grocery shopping since our store is always busy and it's worse than the bumper car ride at the fair. Now I make a detailed list, usually forgetting a few things, and go after Logan goes to sleep one night during the week. The only good thing is that it's usually less crowded at 9pm.

    I cannot believe that anyone said you aren't feeding her enough! My son just hit 18 pounds and is almost 4 months. I get mad when strangers touch my baby. Doesn't happen often (I guess I don't look very friendly when I'm out running errands) but I'm quick to say something when it does!

  5. LOL @ Valerie and Diana!

    Most people say "you're not feeding her enough" jokingly, because of her size, and it REALLY irks me. I have no idea what possesses people to be so forward!

  6. Haha you're not alone. It's even worse with twins because people ask all kinds of inappropriate things. I used to hate going in public with them. It's better now that they're a little older.

  7. The cashier at a gas station had to tell me all about how her son sends her money all the way from Alabama so she can go out and buy her granddaughter clothes and send them all the way to Alabama.