Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

This year we decided to celebrate America's birthday over two days.

Day one of the celebrations started on Sunday:

Our sleepy little patriot

It was a comfy 112 degrees outside, ideal weather for a BBQ and swim at The Fort.  We got our swim on, we got our grub on, and we got rained on.
A very pale family photo
My "mom" face
Daddy getting crazy
Auntie Fal and Uncle Cole
Pop Pop and Grammy
The fun was cut short when Fountain Thrills got hit with one of the nastiest monsoons of the season.  Pop Pop was holding Lulu when the wind and rain picked up; he whirled around to form a grandpa shield, and then took off towards the cars.  The rest of us grabbed the coolers and towels, and loaded the cars.  Lordy, were we DRENCHED!  Needless to say, fireworks were postponed.

Day two of the celebrations were much more low-key.  Nothing says "Happy Birthday America" like sangria and a True Blood marathon!

Just look at those monkey feet!
Family kisses
Happy Goose with Daddy and Grammy
Happy Goosey!
Is there anything better than a three-day weekend with family, food and sunshine?  Why yes, yes there is...  A four-day weekend with all of the above!


  1. she is so adorable!! I love it!

  2. Here from Toddle Along Tuesday. Such a cutie you've got there. I love her cheeks! And your pumping post had me laughing!