Thursday, October 20, 2011

Success with Solids!

Please excuse the absurdly long and unedited video, my chief editor is watching House and I am utterly useless in that department.  Really, just the first 27 seconds will do the job. 

I have said several times that my Momma is a genius, and that was no exaggeration.  Last week, before jet setting back east for a long weekend, she discovered that Lulu liked oatmeal!  As in, no crying, spitting, or fighting - she actually liked it!!!  Up until this point, our journey with solid food had been quite frustrating.  It upset me that Lulu didn't enjoy eating "real" food, food that I made just for her.  So you can imagine the relief and excitement I felt when she ate a whole (baby-size) bowl of oatmeal and pears for me on Saturday night!

My mom always questioned why we didn't introduce cereal first.  Babies are used to one texture and a relatively bland, monotonous flavor prior to the introduction of solids, so it only makes sense that a fruit or vegetable might seem gross at first.  Maybe Lulu just needed some time to adjust to solids?  Or maybe cereal really is the best first food for babies?  I don't know the answer to that.  What I do know, is that Baby #2 will be starting out with oatmeal, fo sho.


  1. I think the only issue with cereal is when you are giving them rice cereal. Studying have shown this has no nutritional value and just turns to pure sugar. But oatmeal is good! Glad you found something she likes! And maybe she did just need to time to adjust as well, I don't think all babies are ready at 6 months, that is just the average age.

  2. We started with veggies, then grains (oatmeal only!), and only this morning introduced fruit. I agree with mestills about no nutritional value in the rice cereal. We also give him straight table food, no purees. He has a BLAST playing/feeding himself.

    Good work, Lu!