Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lucy is getting baptised!

This post was originally meant to be published last Thursday.  Of course, we all know certain circumstances prevented that from happening...  

(For the record I still don't know if it's spelled baptised or baptized.)

Remember this post?  Haha, well...one week turned into three months, and we finally met with the Pastor on Wednesday night.  Did we drop the ball on this whole baptism thing, or what?  Sheesh!

The meeting went very well.  Casey really liked the Pastor and agreed with everything he had to say - he's even hoping to join the church band!  And the meeting, for me, confirmed what I already knew:  this faith, and this specific church, will be absolutely perfect for our family.  Pastor Steve got us excited about baptising Lulu and becoming active members of the church.

Lucy's baptism is scheduled for this Sunday, October 30, at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.

I usually enjoy the thrill of party planning, but life is a little too hectic at the moment.  So we're keeping it low-key.  Just family and friends, and a little lunch at our house afterward.  And, lucky us!  The weather forecast is calling for some pretty beautiful weather that day.  Look for Lucy's baptism post sometime next week.

Also, if anyone is interested in guest blogging the week of November 7, get at me!     

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