Tuesday, October 18, 2011

7 Months

This has been the best month yet, I wish I could freeze time.  Lulu, you are just so much fun right now!!!  You're happy, you're sweet, you're out of this world gorgeous.  Truth be told, your Daddy and I are the luckiest parents there ever were. 

At 7 Months

You are a professional sitter.  

You are starting to scoot your bum when you're sitting on our laps, but you're still not crawling.

You're a vocal little thing.  You're constantly jabbering about something, I love to listen to you tell me all about your day with Grampy and Auntie and Uncle.  

You've started raking your toys and banging them together.  I also think you've learned that if you throw your toy, someone will pick it up for you.  Fun!  

You have stranger anxiety.  It makes my heart ache to see you upset.   

You are finally eating solid food without putting up a fight.  Oatmeal was the magic food!  (Grammy was right.)  It took us almost three weeks, but by golly did we eventually get it.


You will never have another banana, not from me at least!  The poopsplosion still haunts me.  

You love to nurse and I love to nurse you.  Our next breastfeeding goal is 12 months. 

You're still not sleeping through the night.  Up once, twice, sometime three times a night.  I've tried eliminating nighttime nursing, and that seems to have helped things.

You still bed-share with your Momma and Dada.  And you're not going anywhere anytime soon.  

You weigh 22 pounds and are 28 inches long.  In my opinion, you're starting to stretch out and lose some chub.  ::insert sad face here::

You desperately need to start wearing size large diapers.  Maybe this weekend.  

Definitely this weekend.

You are wearing some 6-9 month clothing, also some 12 month clothing.  It is physically impossible to find a pair of baby jeans that fit you, seriously.  We even tried the 18 month size.

You are still toothless, yet all teething symptoms are present.

You had your first camping trip and you did great!

Your bedtime has recently crept up to 6:00 sharp, which means you now wake promptly at 4:30.  (Ew!)  It's for the better, really - Monday through Friday at least...not so much on the weekends, though.

You still follow the NAPS Program and typically go two 90-minute intervals (3 hours) between naps.  

Your schedule:

4:00-5:00 Wake up, get ready, head to Grammy and Grampy's
5:00-6:30 Nurse and snooze with Momma
6:45-8:30 Hang with Grampy and Uncle Cole
8:30-9:00 Enjoy bottle #1
9:00-10:00 Take a nap
10:00-12:30 Hang with Grampy and Auntie Fal
12:30-1:00 Enjoy bottle #2 and Meal #1
1:00-2:30 Take a nap
2:30-3:15 Hang with Grampy and enjoy bottle #3
3:15-5:00 Daddy gets home, head home and play
5:00-6:00 Momma gets home, Meal #2, bath, nursing and bedtime 

I don't think it's humanly possible to love you anymore than I do at this very moment.  You are the definition of love and happiness in my life. 

My Pumpkin, my love

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