Sunday, October 30, 2011

She's baptised! FINALLY!

It was a lot of work, in a short amount of time, but we got it done!  We were very lucky to have all the help that we did.  The ceremony was beautiful (even though it clashed with Lucy's nap time) and the after party was low-key, very us.  We celebrated the day with family and friends, had some delicious food and some decent weather, the only thing person missing was Grampy... 

Wearing Momma's baptism gown
Being silly before church!
The cutest, most fashionable shoes there ever were
Hangin' in the Cry Room
The Ceremony

The whole gang with Pastor Steve
With Pastor Steve
Official Family Photo
With her Godparents, Uncle Cole and Auntie Fallon
In her party dress, next to the Ruffle Cake (that Momma made!)
With her Nestie Aunties, Baby Friends, Aunt Angela and Cousin Corbin
Playing with Cousin Corbin during her party


  1. Congratulations! Cute pictures! Memories to treasure...

  2. yay Lucy! Congrats on an exciting chapter starting in your lives!