Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I miss being pregnant.

29 weeks

Even though I gained 44 pounds (albeit, mostly in my ass and face) and got a lot of stretch marks, I miss it.  

I miss the special feeling I woke with every morning, knowing my sweet little baby was growing inside my belly.  

I miss the baby kicks.  (To be fair, Lulu still kicks me all the time.  She also has a mean backhand.)  Feeling an inside kick for the first time.  The friendly little Hello! I'd get while sitting at my desk. 

I miss the belly.  All the belly rubs, the awkward and the welcomed.  Casey's hand gravitating to my belly with pride.  Watching little body parts poke out. 

I miss the unknown.  Being pregnant, especially for the first time, is like waiting for Christmas morning.  The excitement builds with each day, until you finally get to open the best present ever.

32 minutes

If you are newly pregnant, I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months.  I hope that you will savor each and every minute, even when you're uncomfortable, sweating and oozing, because this time will fly by.  And once baby is here, your life will forever be on fast forward.  

And if you're a fellow new momma, do you miss being pregnant yet?    


  1. Thanks for the reminiscing, sometimes I miss being pregnant, I had the easiest pregnancy and other than the large bump and the increased size of my rear, it was like not being pregnant. I do however miss feeling Alex moving and watching him move, my belly looked insane!

  2. "Your life will forever be on fast foward." <--- Beautifully said. That's exactly how it is.

    Sometimes I miss it, sometimes I don't. I had a very easy pregnancy (except for that whole 10 days late thing) and genuinely really enjoyed being pregnant. But it's also such a huge commitment and I know we're not ready for a second one yet, so that holds me back from wanting to be pregnant. But I'll admit that I'm am starting to get a tiny bit jealous when I see a pregnant lady (in a good way, of course), and that's how I started to feel about a year before we started TTC Ryan. So maybe in a year, I'll be in full-fledged baby fever mode again. :)

  3. My kids are 25 and 29, yes, years.... I still miss being pregnant. If you enjoyed it, even remotely, you never lose that feeling. I have dreamt of those days and then woken with the most wonderful feeling.... like a kiss from an angel.

  4. I've been enjoying all your pregnancy posts lately. All very relevant for me! I have loved being pregnant as well. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy these last few moments as we anxioussly await her arrival!