Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are my standards too high?

I expect that when couscous spills all over the kitchen floor, it be vaccumed up.  Not kicked under the cabinet.

I expect our guests to not wear jeans to our (very clearly black tie) wedding. 

I expect family and friends to be supportive and respectful of our decisions.  Not the exact opposite. 

And I damn well expect our Pediatrician to call me back in a timely manner when my daughter hasn't pooped in SIX days!

In my opinion, certain things in life should be a given.  Apparently that makes me a huge pain in the ass...   So you tell me, am I off my rocker?


  1. No, you are not.
    1. Don't waste the couscous, pick it up!
    2. At least wear black jeans!
    3. Family and friends, respectful of decisions, pshaw, if family and friends can't dis ya, who can?! (JK, by the way)
    4. This one means war. Everybody (has to) Poop!


  2. Aww poor Lucy! Vaseline + Qtip.

    Couscous is like the devil. Without fail, I ALWAYS spill it everywhere whenever I make it.

  3. Vaseline and a Qtip............. ohhhhh, Poor Lucy.
    Try a little diluted apple juice... just a little.

  4. Sorry Tay - my advice was based on you having already tried the juice methods :)

    Don't stick qtips up anyone's butt unless absolutely necessary! hehe

  5. The Pedi finally called me...literally like five minutes after she pooped (last night). Next time we're to try prune juice and a suppository, though I much prefer the q-tip and vaseline route!