Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nursing Bras

Wanna know something kind of gross?  I have two nursing bras.  (Three, if you count my very neglected sleep bra.)

Those bras are expensive, yo.

Last week I was wandering through the bra aisle at Target, having this internal debate, "Should I buy another bra?  Nahhhhhhh."  The way I see it, I've been doing just fine for the past seven months, why spend money now? 

And that's when I saw this...

A leopard print nursing bra, for the nursing momma that wants to feel sexy while nursing.  Just, why?

How many nursing bras do YOU have?  From what I hear, most of the nursing mommas I know only have two or three.   

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  1. I nursed for about a year and had four nursing bras and lived in nursing tanks (I had five of those), layered with my regular clothes.

  2. I have 3 and never wear them. I prefer to wear regular tanks with built in bra shelf under everything. My tanks aren't nursing ones, but they have enough give that I can pull them down.