Monday, October 10, 2011

My Weekend

I’m not usually one for weekend recaps, (because honestly, who cares about all the running around I did?) but this weekend three very special things happened:

1)     I learned how to use Pinterest and spent a good chunk of my “me time” on the Food and Drink board.  Also, for those thinking I'm evil and corrupt please note, my “me time” occurs between the hours of 9-10pm - after the kitchen has been cleaned, the diapers washed, and the Goose put to bed.   

2)    There was a poopsplosion.  (Back story:  I gave Lulu a couple bites of banana last Thursday and apparently a few critical bodily functions were held up.)  My poor baby has had the worst gas pains and stomach aches for the past two nights.  I was so nervous about introducing bananas, because we have a banana allergy in the family and bananas are notorious for causing constipation; and as a breastfed baby, Lulu is more prone to constipation.  I should have listened to my gut and held off on introducing them...  Momma FAIL.  I will never give this girl another banana.  Is anyone else out there dealing with infant constipation?  Any suggestions?     

3)    And Lulu had her 6 month portrait session.  We absolutely loved our photographer!  She took us out to DC Marketplace, bright and early, on Sunday morning.  The weather was beautiful, Lulu looked stunning AND cooperated 98% of the time, and we got some gorgeous pictures.  We’ve only seen a preview, but we are sooo in LOVE and cannot wait to see the rest.  Check em’ out!     


  1. GAH I love them!
    LaTricia is awesome - she's part of my monthly supper club group :)

  2. She is such a doll! Our little girls are going to be great friends! ;)

  3. love they pics they look amazing!!!!!

  4. The pics are gorgeous Tay!

  5. So glad you loved her. I agree with Jaye- LaTricia is awesomeness.

  6. Thanks everyone! You are all SO sweet!!! *hugs*