Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Newly Pregnant: What to Read

I have loads of advice for the newly pregnant, but I'll spare you my ranting and leave you with just a few nuggets of information.

1)  Try your absolute hardest to not pig out.  Seriously.
2)  Never pay full price for maternity clothes (think clearance sections, as-is sections, Goodwill, eBay, Craigslist, and your previously pregnant friends).   
3)  Read these books:

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

This book was hugely helpful and informative, I carried it around everywhere when I was pregnant.  It covers the physical changes to you and baby every week (weight gain, fetal development, etc.), symptoms, milestones, pretty much everything you need to know.  It even has a section for overdue pregnancies and postpartum care. 

Belly Laughs

::chuckles::  LOVED this book!  There were times that I literally loled while reading this book (which makes for a very awkward lunch room environment, by the way).  Jenny McCarthy is hysterical, personable, and informative in her pregnancy memoir.  This was a quick read, and, by far, my favorite pregnancy book.

The Baby Owners Manual

For those that need explicit direction on how to change a diaper, this book is for you!  It covers just about everything you need to know, from feeding baby to bathing baby, and everything in between.  Neither Casey or I had much experience with babies Pre-Lucy, so this book was perfect for us.  Also, this book is written in large, colorful font, with lots of pictures interspersed throughout, so it is very husband-friendly!  Bonus!

Babyproofing Your Marriage

I remember yelling, "We're going to hate each other!" when I told Casey the news (that was the fear talking).  I was deathly afraid that our marriage would deteriorate into a ball and chain routine; I'd be an even bigger nag, he'd be lazy, and we'd hate each other.  This book taught me a lot of things.  1)  How to chillax.  2)  The importance of date night.  3)  Parenting is a two-person job.  I suggest leaving it in the bathroom so your husband reads it too.

Pregnancy Sucks for Men

Casey did not love this book.  In fact, he said this book should actually fall under the What Not to Read category.  The tone is pessimistic (as one would expect), but so is the overall message...  Advice centers around appeasing your wife and "surviving" the pregnancy.   

Don't Just Stand There

A less traditional option for the dad-to-be, this book is geared towards labor coaches.  It's short and sweet, has big font and colorful pictures, and it even has a space for note-taking.  Casey loved it!  It teaches men how to be engaged and helpful in the delivery room, and since I was anticipating a med-free birth, this was of the utmost importance to the both of us.  Lotta good that did! 

The 90-Minute Baby Sleep Program

This is a book I wish we had read Pre-Lucy, oh the trouble it would have saved.  This book is genius and life-changing.  Read about our experience with the N.A.P.S. program here.

See, see!  I told you we did a lot of reading Pre-Lucy!!!  (Finding time to read now is near impossible.)  What were your go-to reads while you were pregnant?  Do you have any recommendations or advice for the newly pregnant ladies out there?

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