Friday, May 6, 2011

Battle Congestion

 Our arsenal:

Booger bulbs

Saline spray


Upright sleeping (thanks for the shoulder, Poppy!)

We've also hung out in a steamy bathroom a time or two...that was sticky.  So far, we've had the most luck with the saline spray, and the worst luck with the bulbs; seriously, those things suck - they made her nostrils swell.  Poor Lucy has had a nose full of crud for the past two days.  No fever, no coughing, and she's still the hungry hippo we know and love.  I know its nothing major, but I still feel horrible for her.  All babies should be spared any illness; they're too small and innocent to be the recipient of such annoyances. 

Mommy, I'm fine.  Now please quit sticking things in my nose!

1 comment:

  1. We have the best luck with the Little Noses saline spray as well. She's not a huge fan of it, but it works wonders! Hope Lucy feels better soon!