Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My first Mother's Day

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the momma's and momma's to-be!

I had a great day!  Casey and Lucy sure know how to spoil a girl!  I woke up an hour later than usual, because Casey was sweet enough to take Lucy into the living room to play when she woke up (at 5:30).  When I finally got up, I was greeted by two smiling faces and a steaming cup of (decaf) lemon tea.  I was surprised to find two presents waiting for me on the coffee table.

Try not to be too jealous of my shiny, new food processor.  I foresee lots of homemade baby food and pesto sauce in our future (yum!).

We lounged around the house for a bit and then headed out to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch with my family.  Gotta love never ending salad and muffins!  Apparently Sweet Tomatoes was THEE place to be on Mother's Day, because it was absolutely mobbed.  Later that day we popped over for a visit with Casey's mom, and our day ended with pizza and a House marathon.  Not a bad day, if I may say so myself.

Now to start planning Father's Day...

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