Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goose is two months old.

Our big TWO MONTH old Goose

Somebody pinch me...a whole TWO months ago Lucy Goosey was born.  It can't be!  Where has the time gone?!!!

We visited a friend in the hospital on Tuesday night, who had given birth that morning, and Lucy looked ginormous next to the new baby boy.  Casey and I could not believe how small he was, and we certainly couldn't believe that our Goosey used to be that small. 

This afternoon we went to the pediatrician, and Goose had a great check up.  Dr. Joy said she continues to be amazed with Goosey's weight gain; as always, she was very complimentary of my breast milk (awkward much?).  Here are Lucy's two month stats:

Height:  22.5 inches (50th percentile)
Weight:  12 pounds, 7 ounces (75th percentile)
Noggin: 15 inches (75th percentile)

This was by far our worst appointment to date...worse than the time we found out Goosey lost too much Lucy Goose got her second set of immunizations.  I was fortunate enough to miss the first set (the day she was born); there is nothing more painful than hearing your baby cry and not being able to do anything about it.  Goosey was a champ, like always, she held up better than I did; she got three pokes and one drink.  Our pediatrician likes to do combination vaccines, which I am grateful for (less pokes for Goose).  The potential side effects sound terrible, but Dr. Joy said only a handful of her patients have experienced them over the past 13 years.  We're praying Lucy is spared!

From here on out, we see the pediatrician bi-monthly.  Yay!  Unfortunately, the next two appointments (four and six months) will include more immunizations.  Boo!

In other news, Goosey is right on track developmentally!  This month's milestones include:

Intentional smiles
Recognizing our voices and "talking" with us
Improved neck control
Self soothes by sucking on her fingers
Reaching out to us (Dr. Joy said that was early, woo woo!)  

I think I'm most proud of (or grateful for) Goosey's AWESOME sleep schedule.  She seems to have her nights and days established; she slept SIX hours straight this past Saturday night.  That's a new record!  She's been sleeping for four and five hours straight (at night) for weeks, but six hours was absolutely magical.  It was a perfectly timed anniversary gift for her Daddy and I, thanks Goose!  

Two whole months...I can't believe it.  Goose...we love you, but you gotta slow down!!!

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  1. This is one of my fav pictures of her. Such a little darling!

    I totally know how you felt comparing Lucy to PGA... that's how I felt the first time I met Lucy, ha! I couldn't believe how much bigger Ryan was and it was hard to remember him ever being that small. It's funny how all of a sudden, BAM, your kid seems big.

    I have to see her soon. Am in major withdrawal.