Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby's First Stomach Bug

Wow, two major illnesses in two did my little girl get so lucky?

Got home from work Friday evening and began Lucy's bedtime routine, like always.  Lucy refused to eat her dinner, which I thought was odd, and then she proceeded to projectile vomit all over me.  Grammy rushed over with towels and a popsicle like it was nbd.  Fast forward 30 minutes and we were heading to bed with a small bottle of Pedialyte.  Lucy guzzled 2 ounces, while I jostled her around, trying to put her pajamas on, and I was actually surprised when she threw up again.  ::shakes head::  After stripping the bed and Lucy, we moved straight to dry nursing and she fell right to sleep.  I thought we were in the clear.

10 minutes later and I was running back upstairs to more puke.  She threw up in her sleep.  The next 2 hours were spent in 15 minute intervals.  The four of us (Lulu, Me, Grammy and Uncle Cole) sat crammed in my bathroom for two of the longest hours of our lives.  I would give her a tablespoon of water, wait 15 minutes, pray she wouldn't throw it up, and repeat.  We were constantly on the verge of going to the hospital, she threw up 8 times.  It was scary AND heartbreaking.  Lulu was not only exhausted and uncomfortable, she was also extremely thirsty!  She would cry after every tablespoon of water was gone.  We finally got her to bed after she was able to keep down enough fluid, and monitored her very closely the rest of the night.

She woke twice, I'm sure from thirst, and we continued with the 15 minute rule; but increased to 1/2 ounce portions, until we reached 4 ounces.  Needless to say, it was a very, verrrrrry long night.  Lulu seemed to be good as new in the morning; the rest of the fam, however, started their 24-hour sentence with the bug.

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  1. Poor baby :( I'm so happy she is feeling better. It was heartbreaking to watch Aria throw up (we think hers was the allergic reaction to bananas) and dry heave all night.