Sunday, February 5, 2012

11 Weeks

How far along?  11w1d

How big is baby?  Lime!  About 1.6 inches and .25 ounces, with a 1:1 head to body ratio.  Babe has translucent skin; fingers and toes are no longer webbed; tooth buds, nail beds and hair follicles are forming; and he/she is moving all around in my belleh.    

Physical differences from last week?  Weighed in at 108.2 this morning; which is a 0.2 pound loss from last week and 1.4 pound loss total, but I'll attribute that to the stomach flu running rampant through our house this weekend.  My regular clothes still fit, but they're starting to get a little snug in the waist; might have to break out the belly bands soon.  Also, had a few bouts of round ligament pain during the week, not a fan.  Here's my weekly pics:  

How I'm feeling?  Had some wicked nausea yesterday, but, again, all thanks to the stomach flu.  I haven't been sleeping well for weeks (recently developed insomnia), and I'm sure that will only get worse as I get bigger.  My whole body feels tired.  Might have to splurge and buy the Snoogle!  No uncontrollable cravings, really; chocolate sounds NOM, but I refuse to give in to my cravings yet.   

What's been on my mind?  Baby names!!!  I already have two names picked out for either gender.  Nursery inspiration, and other home projects that need to happen before Babe is here.  Oh, and, The Bump recommends I plan a "babymoon" for second trimester (ha).  Who wants to come with?     

What I'm looking forward to?  The NT Scan is just a few days away.  Eep!  Praying for a more cooperative kiddo this time around! 

Best moment this week?  Not having to pump at all! 

Click here to read my 11 week update from my first pregnancy!  (Please note how convinced I was that it was a boy.)


  1. Me, me, me! I vote Palm Springs since your second Tri will be spring time/late spring. Pools, Spa's, and (Outlet) shopping!! Sounds awesomesauce to me!

    You are looking fabulous my dear- you are RADIATING! Love, love, love the glow. Hope the stomach flu leaves you soon!

    1. Growing Baby SheltonFebruary 5, 2012 at 11:18 AM

      Ohmygah! LOVE that idea!!! And thank you, my sweet girl, for all the sweet compliments. *hugs*