Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reverse Cycling: A Working Mom's Worst Nightmare

Remember how Lucy wasn't the hugest fan of daycare not so long ago?  Well...she still doesn't *love* it, but she has adjusted somewhat over the past three weeks.  See:

That's a content Goose, if I've ever seen one.

That first week, though, THAT was brutal.  After finding a bottle that Lulu would accept, she suddenly decided to stop eating for Auntie Fallon and Grandpa.

Can you say stressful

As a new mom, already experiencing massive loads of guilt from returning to work, this killed me.  Day after day my dad and sister would tell me, "She's not eating" or "She's had two ounces over the last eight hours".  WHAT?!

I contemplated going home, meeting my dad halfway between home and work to feed her, and even taking time off work (permanently).  None of the above made any sense in the long run.  I called the pediatrician, who confirmed the obvious:  that she wasn't eating enough.  Big help doc, thanks a million!

One friend mentioned the possibility of Reverse Cycling (thanks, Kim!), and directed me to this website.  Kellymom has always been hugely helpful with all of my breastfeeding questions; I was actually kind of embarrassed that I hadn't thought to check there!

Reverse cycling is when a baby eats very little while momma is away, just enough to curb their hunger, and then nurses frequently and for longer periods when momma is home.  Apparently some women encourage this behavior so that they can pump less during the day.  I am not one of those mothers!

Reverse cycling is most common in breastfed babies that are just starting out on the bottle, but newborns can also experience it when they get their days and nights mixed up. 

While reverse cycling isn't anything to worry about, it is important for caregivers to monitor wet diapers and signs of dehydration.  Our pediatrician actually brought up the possible need for Pedialyte (also known as Baby Gatorade), should Goosey continue to not eat.  Thankfully it never came down to that!  After five verrry long days, Goosey started eating regularly; and we haven't had any problems since! 

 I eat so good now, Momma!  No more worrying!!!


  1. I'm glad to hear that Lucy is doing so much better. I may have lots of questions for you when I return back to work. Also, thanks for posting about all this stuff. I've learned SO much from your blog! =)

  2. Awww thanks, Em! If you ever have any questions, I'm happy to help! :)