Monday, June 27, 2011


In these few months that Lucy has been with us, I have laughed more than ever before in my life.  I decided it necessary to start a list of all the good times....and of course share it with everyone!  Enjoy!!!

On our second night together, still in the hospital, Casey said to me, "I think she's pooping." and I said, "How do you know?"  Casey proceeded to imitate Lucy's pooping face.  

When my milk came in, my boobs transformed into miniature watermelons.  It literally hurt to lift my arms in the shower.  At one point Casey gave me the lightest of hugs, I don't think his arms were completely around me yet, and I yelled, "Not so tight!" 

One night, still half asleep, I groggily asked Casey to help me switch Lucy to my other boob.  He sat up to do so, and panicked.  Which made me panic.  In between us slept our dog, Daisy Doodle; but in our sleep deprived stupor we thought it was Lucy.  At this point Lucy was still sleeping in her bassinet, so I immediately yelled, "How did she get in the bed?  And why is she naked?!"  

During a recent family shower, the three of us were bouncing around, cooing and smiling in the water, and then all of a sudden...the poop face flashed across Lucy's face...quickly followed by a toot....and the immediate realization that Goose had just pooped in Casey's hand and all down his leg.

A recent trip to Costco was interrupted when the professional baby wearer (me) felt her feet getting splashed.  I looked down and said, "Oh my God she's peeing!"  Casey, my mom, and I just looked down to the floor, that was quickly pooling with pee, and froze. 

The most recent knee slapper was Lucy's first time swimming.  After a mere five minutes in the pool, Lucy spit up.  Like hugely spit up.  IN.THE.POOL.  

I expected being a parent to be rewarding.  I never expected it to be so funny!

The Three Stooges


  1. Kids are always good for a laugh in the areas of poop, pee, and puke. Enjoy!

  2. OMG... I DIED when reading the story about your dog/baby mixup! I can totally see this happening to us. Too funny!