Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Festivities

You see that banner up there?  Lucy made that.  She and I busted out the finger paints and made cutest, most thoughtful Fathers Day gifts there ever were.  Not the easiest task, but definitely a fun one!

Casey is a little bit slobbish (his one flaw - sorry dear, you know its true)...  And so Lulu thought the perfect gift would not only make her Daddy smile, it would also make him organized!  Such a smart girl!  So she and I bought a little white pail, and covered it with her baby feets.  Needless to say, Papa Goose LOVED it!

After presents we headed out to brunch at one of our favorite restaurants.  Its always a good time maneuvering a car seat and a tray down the buffet line.  

We made our rounds around Fountain Thrills, spending some time with our families, and finished the day with the first swim of the summer:

Lucy didn't make it into the pool this time (we hope to bust out her bikini next weekend), but she DID rock her sunglasses poolside.

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